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As a Turkish wholesale bath towel manufacturer, we offer the highest quality in our products by using %100 genuine Turkish cotton; which is both friendly to human skin and to the environment. You can order bath towels from MTC Linen very easily; with any color, pattern, density, or dimensions you want. All you need to do is fill out the form on our contact page to order one of our towels wholesale products. All our products are completely washable and reusable, and we always recommend … Turkish Bath Towel


MTC Linen is a wholesale towel supplier that prioritizes customer satisfaction and product quality in wholesale towel production. The most important thing for us is to produce high-quality towels you can offer to your customers without hesitation. Our towels are produced with 100% Turkish cotton and guarantee you high absorbency, softness, durability, and usefulness. We produce Turkish bath rugs, Turkish towel bath mats, bathrobes in addition to face towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and hand towels. Wholesale Towel


Turkish towel company MTC Linen’s bathrobes are offered in various colors, patterns, sizes, and weights from 350 to 550 gsm. So, you can choose what you desire, and we will make your custom bathrobes for you to present to your customers! Our wholesale bathrobes are highly absorbent and manufactured with great quality. They can be washed at 40°C/100°F in the washing machine and tumble-dried in low heat. Our fabrics are durable and assure you long-term satisfaction if they are used properly. Best Turkish Bathrobe


A great decorative item for bathrooms, MTC Linen bathmats are made of 100% genuine ringspun cotton which makes them extremely soft and comfortable. Ringspun yarn is made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands which makes the final product strong and soft at the same time. Our comfortable wholesale bathmats are highly absorbent and fast-drying; as well as being machine washable, which makes them durable and easy to clean. Among many international companies…. Turkish Bath Mat


MTC Linen bath rugs bring quality and luxury to all homes. We want our bath rugs to make customers feel luxurious while not sacrificing quality, so we produce our bath rugs to be as absorbent and durable as possible. Thanks to the materials we use while manufacturing, these rugs are also non-slippery and can be folded with no problems when they are not used. To ensure the quality of our bath rugs we use Turkish combed cotton in the making these products. Turkish Bath Rug


As a Turkish towel company, in MTC Linen, we do not only manufacture and wholesale bath towel for adults. We are also baby towels manufacturers. Alongside products like Turkish bath mat which is for everyone’s use, our baby group towels include products like bathrobes, towels, napkins for babies and kids of the highest quality. What makes us stand out amongst other baby towels manufacturers is not only the %100 genuine Turkish cotton we use for our products but also the fact that…Baby Group


MTC Linen is a Turkish towel company specializing in producing top quality towels with Turkish cotton. As proud Turkish kitchen towel manufacturers, we export high-quality Turkish towels to other countries to introduce our culture and specialization in manufacturing towels. We produce Turkish bath towel, peshtemal, bathrobe, and Turkish bath mat in every color, size and shape. Turkish kitchen towel supplier MTC Linen’s products in its kitchen group have various options for kitchens of any size and at any place; homes, offices or schools….Kitchen Group


Alongside our Turkish bath towel set, our beach group products are also among the most desired products not just for their premium quality but for their practicality, as well. With 100% genuine Turkish cotton and double stitched hems, these towels will not leave a bad aftertaste in terms of their softness, absorbency, and durability. And the best part is the more you use it the more it softens. As beach towel manufacturers we care for the environment as much as we care for our customers. For this reason, these towels are completely naturalBeach Group


Also known as fouta Towel, hammam towel, and Turkish towel, peshtemals date back hundreds of years. Peshtemals have been highly used in Turkish Hammams back in the days, and they are now a part of our daily lives with their versatile usage from scarfs and tablecloths to bathrobes and decorations. Peshtemals are also great beach towels because of their trendy look and absorbency. They also have gained popularity worldwide, and one of the most important things customers care about is the quality. As one of the leading wholesale Turkish peshtemal manufacturers, Peshtemal Group


As we leave the past with all its memories and turn the page to a new year, we want to make a fresh start to everything. We make a bunch of new year resolutions each year and wish for a better, healthier, and happier life. But the thing we forget is, changing ourselves begins with changing our environment. So, MTC Linen comes to your help to change your environment.Christmas Group

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