About Us: Mission, Vision and Principles | MTC Linen
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About Us


We provide high quality service with innovative production processes in international standards all over the world and in Turkey, aiming for unconditional customer satisfaction in every step we take, with our technical infrastructure that keeps up with the age of information and technology, and our management team with a creative and strategic perspective.


Knowing our customers’ values as our own, and meeting their expectations with an innovative approach. Furthermore, it is to successfully continue the Customer-Production-Management triangle by working systematically in every field with the proper management actions and technical production approach.

Our Quality Assurance Policy

Mtclinen Tekstil has operated with a feeling of duty that emphasizes client requests and expectations and meets these expectations to the best of its ability since its inception. Mtclinen Tekstil, which is used as a model by other enterprises, not only uses natural resources and company resources efficiently, but also takes exceptional precautions to avoid environmental contamination. Mtclinen Tekstil produces entirely in compliance with international standards, without causing any temporary or permanent detrimental effects on the air, water, or soil.

Mtclinen Tekstil, which closely follows technological developments and provides world-class service in order to present the highest quality products to customers in the most accurate way, has prepared the necessary ground for employees to develop themselves and reveal their potential, and with this discipline and foresight, it aims to be a leader in quality and production in every sphere.

In the global market, we continue to prioritize technological studies in order to complete the quality product understanding established by our American Softlinen and DP Linen brands.

Our Principles

As the third generation, our company, which was founded in 1978 in Denizli, services the textile industry.

Our basic principles are to maintain the greatest degree of quality knowledge in the triangle of Production-Management-Customer, as well as human-centered working understanding and environmentally responsible production awareness.

Mtclinen Tekstil, which uses the notion of continuous development in teamwork in order to be the pioneer of change, sees among its key aims becoming a pioneer in the field and giving the greatest service to its clients in the future, as it did yesterday and today.