Wholesale Bath Rug Made of Turkish Cotton | MTC Linen
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MTC Linen bath rugs bring quality and luxury to all homes. We want our bath rugs to make customers feel luxurious while not sacrificing quality, so we produce our bath rugs to be as absorbent and durable as possible. Thanks to the materials we use while manufacturing, these rugs are also non-slippery and can be folded with no problems when they are not used. To ensure the quality of our bath rugs we use Turkish combed cotton in the making these products. As such, the bath rug absorbs water rapidly and dries in minutes, all while keeping its softness.

When it’s time to choose among bathrug manufacturers Turkey takes the lead with the quality materials produced in the country. We as MTC Linen, however, proudly present our customers with an extra perk: the chance to customize their wholesale bathrug orders. All you need to do is to head over to our contact page, fill out the form and specify your needs. We can produce bath rugs in any color, shape, pattern, or density you want. As bathrug manufacturers Turkey, we provide these luxurious and premium quality wholesale bathrug at the best prices available.

Wholesale Bath Rugs

Our wholesale bathrug products are only a part of a bigger category: Turkish bath mats which are cotton bath mats and Welsoft bath mats.

The cotton bath mats are made of %100 percent genuine Ringspun cotton and are ideal for families and guests. These Turkish bath mats can be matched with bathroom decoration and/or other Turkish bath towel products like hand or face towels. Like all our products, they have maximum absorbency and can be machine washed.

Welsoft bath mats are made of coral fleece which is even softer than silk. Coral fleece is also a material that dries faster than any other. These Turkish bath mats can be stretched over the floor and later be folded. In the wholesale bathrug manufacturing business, we prioritize comfort and quality over profit. Our products’ durability allows them to keep their original form even after many years of use. The dotted rubber backing prevents any kind of shifting.

Just like our bath rugs, the bath mats we produce can be ordered in any size, color, shape, pattern, or density. With great experience in wholesale towel, we at MTC Linen guarantee you the best prices and the best quality along with fast delivery for every product we manufacture. If you own a retail store, hotel, or any business that sells or uses bath rugs or bath mats, we are happy to point out that your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. You can order bath rugs right now by filling the form on our contact page.

For best use, we always recommend washing the bath rugs separately in warm water and not using any chemicals like bleach or fabric softener. We also recommend not to iron these products after washing.