Wholesale Bathrobe Made of Turkish Cotton | MTC Linen
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Turkish towel company MTC Linen’s bathrobes are offered in various colors, patterns, sizes, and weights from 350 to 550 gsm. So, you can choose what you desire, and we will make your custom bathrobes for you to present to your customers! Our wholesale bathrobes are highly absorbent and manufactured with great quality. They can be washed at 40°C/100°F in the washing machine and tumble-dried in low heat. Our fabrics are durable and assure you long-term satisfaction if they are used properly. We manufacture wholesale bathrobes that have a color protection feature to protect the lively colors of the towels after a great number of washes. MTC Linen bathrobes will look new after many washes thanks to their quality fabric and color protection feature.

Turkey is famous in the towel and textile sectors all around the world and towels manufactured in Turkey is known for their outstanding quality of cotton. When your customers see that your bathrobes are manufactured in Turkey, they will know that they are purchasing products of high quality. In our collections, we not only offer you high-class bathrobes, but also wholesale bath mats, bath rugs, and towels that you can put up for sale without hesitation. Among many companies, when it comes to bathrobe manufacturers Turkey takes the lead with its quality products. As experienced bathrobe manufacturers Turkey’s best quality cotton is used in our facilities to produce high-quality bathrobes.

Cotton Bathrobes

Cotton bathrobes are known for their level of absorbency and softness. As MTC Linen, we only use 100% genuine Turkish cotton to properly offer our customers the products with these features. Our wholesale cotton bathrobes stand out among the wholesale manufacturing companies with their quality and a wide range of options from colors and patterns to sizes and weights. We produce wholesale bathrobes from size S to XXXL, which presents a wide selection of sizes for you and your customers. With their belt, wide front pockets, and fast-drying material, they are both practical and comfortable, and thanks to their unisex feature, you can appeal to more customers. Besides, the color and size options let you add a personal touch to your sales collection. We guarantee you high-quality cotton bathrobes which are manufactured from the best cotton in Turkey.

Waffle Bathrobes

Our waffle bathrobes are made of high-quality cotton and are great in absorbency. They are light and easy to care which is preferable especially in facilities like hotels and spas. Thanks to their lightweight, they are portable and easy to carry around especially while traveling. Their practicality makes them preferable for customers and their elegant look is a plus for marketability. The waffle bathrobe’s fabric and sophisticated look make it suitable for daily use after showers, baths, or even on days at home as a morning robe. Especially on winter days, they can be used at home all day as they keep warm and are highly comfortable. Like many of our towels and bathrobes, the waffle bathrobe has double-stitch edges which protects them in the washing process and enables long-term durability. Waffle bathrobes come in sizes between S and XXXL. You can choose the size, color, and pattern of waffle bathrobes as you wish!

Wellsoft Bathrobes

With its super soft and plushy fabric, our wellsoft bathrobes with shawl collar offer great comfort after a shower. They come with different sizes and color options. Wellsoft bathrobes have a classic design that is ideal for daily use. They are soft, fluffy, and highly absorbent. Its front pockets and adjustable waist belt make them practical and fashionable. The wholesale wellsoft bathrobe’s fabric is durable and machine washable. They can be washed in a machine with warm water and tumble-dried in low heat.