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As a Turkish wholesale bath towel manufacturer, we offer the highest quality in our products by using %100 genuine Turkish cotton; which is both friendly to human skin and to the environment. You can order bath towels from MTC Linen very easily; with any color, pattern, density, or dimensions you want. All you need to do is fill out the form on our contact page to order one of our towels wholesale products. All our products are completely washable and reusable, and we always recommend washing them before the first use and avoiding using any chemicals while washing.

Aside from Turkish bath towels, our bathroom group products also include bath rugs and bathrobes. There are three sets of bathrobes in our bathroom group: Rachel, Welsoft, and Bukle; and two sets of Turkish towel bathmat Cotton and Welsoft. Each set is different and designed to fulfill your needs accordingly. The only thing they have in common is their quality.

Rachel bathrobes are %100 polyester; made in the USA and imported to Turkey. These robes come with a built-in tie closure and can be washed in machines at 40C or 100F. The colors will not wash out and the robe will stay as solid-colored as it was the first day it was bought. The soft texture will along with the very high moisture absorbency of these robes become an indispensable part of your bath routine. You can order one in any color, dimensions, or pattern you want right now using the form on our website. We recommend you wash this robe separately before the first use.

Welsoft robes are super lightweight as well as being high-quality. Wellsoft robes aren’t only mean to be worn after bathing, they can also be a cozy robe to wear around the house. These extra soft and fluffy robes come with front pockets and an adjustable waist belt. The Welsoft bathrobe is just as easy to care for as any of our other products; they can be machine washed, tumble dried, and later reused with no problems just like the Turkish bath towels we manufacture.

As a wholesale bath towel manufacturer, we know how to manufacture the softest and the highest quality products. The Bukle bathrobe is made of %100 genuine Turkish cotton just like the Turkish bath towels. As a result, this robe is for those who wish guaranteed comfort, quality and durability. Double-stitched to ensure durability after washing, these robes are unisex and available for wholesale. With these features on hand, MTC Linen believes itself to be one of the best Turkish bathrobe manufacturers.

We also feature Turkish towel bath mat and bath rugs in our bathroom group. Both our Turkish towel bath mat and bath rugs are completely machine washable and can be used anywhere. We can make them in any color, size, or pattern you want. As always, we recommend customers follow the washing instructions we provide and wash them separately for best results.