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A great decorative item for bathrooms, MTC Linen bathmats are made of 100% genuine ringspun cotton which makes them extremely soft and comfortable. Ringspun yarn is made by twisting and thinning the cotton strands which makes the final product strong and soft at the same time. Our comfortable wholesale bathmats are highly absorbent and fast-drying; as well as being machine washable, which makes them durable and easy to clean.

Among many international companies, when it comes to bathmat manufacturers Turkey takes the lead with its quality products. Known for its customizable products, MTC Linen offers utmost quality with its experience in integrated manufacturing. We, as a Turkish wholesale towel company, aim to provide you with the most unique, 100% genuine cotton towels in various sizes and color selections. As established bathmat manufacturers Turkey’s best quality cotton is used in our facilities to produce quality bathmats.


We care about your opinions and always prioritize your requests and satisfaction. We produce wholesale bathmats and wholesale bath towels in any shape, size, color and pattern; all according to your specific order. Our bathmats also have a range of 550-1000 gsm. If you need a unique, quality wholesale bathmats made of 100% Turkish cotton, all you need to do is fill out the form on our website and get in contact with us!


Cotton Bathmats

After a relaxing shower, we offer you the luxury of stepping onto the softest and coziest cotton bathmat. By customizing the products according to your taste and expectations, we also offer you the chance of matching your bathmat with your other bathroom textile products, such as bathrobes, hand towels and face towels. Even if you choose to feature them in your bathroom as a singular piece, Turkish cotton bath rugs and cotton bathmats add a luxurious touch. Their elegant look and soft texture help create a warmer ambiance. While being stylish, they are can also be used in many areas; like a mat for an entryway to your house or office. No matter the purpose of usage, their absorbent quality and practical use is guaranteed to impress you.



They are very practical, stylish, soft, and easy to clean as they can be easily washed in washing machines many times without being damaged. We recommend bathmats to be washed before use to minimize lint, and after every week when you start using them.


Wellsoft Bathmats

With its high-performance coral fleece top, MTC Linen Wellsoft bathmat’s surface is softer than silk. Its fluffy texture offers a warm and comfortable feel. They are also highly absorbent and dry faster than other materials. MTC Linen non-slip Wellsoft bathmats’ backings are made of dotted rubber; while being comfortable and stylish, they also provide security. Its high-density pile prevents the floor from getting wet, it also soaks up moisture and can be dried quickly with ease.


We proudly offer our customers high-quality bathmats that protect hygiene. Because of their absorbency and easy washing feature, they can prevent bacteria growth; which is a very common problem with towels and mats in bathrooms, where dampness and wetness are always present.

The Wellsoft bathmats can also be customized for each individual customer; you can choose the size and color you wish. You too can enjoy MTC Linen Wellsoft wholesale bathmats that can complete every kind of bathroom décor by filling out the form on our contact page.