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Kitchen Group

MTC Linen is a Turkish towel company specializing in producing top quality towels with Turkish cotton. As proud Turkish kitchen towel manufacturers, we export high-quality Turkish towels to other countries to introduce our culture and specialization in manufacturing towels. We produce Turkish bath towel, peshtemal, bathrobe, and Turkish bath mat in every color, size and shape.

Turkish kitchen towel supplier MTC Linen’s products in its kitchen group have various options for kitchens of any size and at any place; homes, offices or schools. Our kitchen group towels made from 100% Turkish cotton provide softness, practicality, absorbency, and durability. The versatility of our products is a feature that attracts any businesses in the retail industry or businesses like hotels, spas, and hospitals. Kitchen towels dry quickly because of their absorbent nature and are highly durable, which is quite important as kitchen towels can be used for many things; from drying hands to holding hot dishes and baking trays. Along with using kitchen towels and napkins in kitchens, our face towels and hand towels are also a perfect alternative to use in kitchens because of their durability.


As one of the leading Turkish kitchen towel manufacturers, MTC Linen provides you with the best quality products that will decorate your kitchens and meet your needs. Our top-quality kitchen group products come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and weights. The only thing you have to do is to choose each feature to customize your towels. Our customer service is always ready to provide you with the best service you can get, and to stay in touch with in order to fully understand your wishes and demands. Check out our wholesale towel collection and fill in the form on our website to contact us from wherever you are. Turkish kitchen towel supplier, MTC Linen, invites you to explore the kitchen group towels that are great in softness, absorbency, durability and quality.


Kitchen Towel

With kitchen towels, it is important to consider the absorbency, practicality and durability as towels are crucial tools in kitchens with their versatile usage. Kitchen towels can be used for cleaning counters, tables, knives, cutting boards, drying hands and dishes, holding hot dishes and plates, etc. We offer you kitchen towels in various types, colors and styles that can be used for various purposes. Our kitchen towels are made of genuine Turkish cotton which is famous around the world with its softness and strength. By choosing a MTC Linen kitchen towel, you can experience a product that is far more efficient and environmentally friendly than disposable paper towels. As a proud Turkish kitchen towel supplier, we produce kitchen towels in every size, weight, color and pattern to make them suitable for every kind of kitchen.


Kitchen Napkin

Our kitchen napkins are also made of genuine Turkish cotton like our other towel groups, such as kitchen towels, hand towels, face towels, bathrobes, bath towels and bath mats. However, they have a different texture that is similar to peshtemals. Kitchen napkins are very functional because of their fabric, which provides versatility in kitchens. MTC Linen’s kitchen napkins can be used as:

  • Dish towels
  • Serving towels
  • Tea towels
  • Decorations
  • Cleaning towels
  • Napkins


Our kitchen napkins are machine washable like other MTC Linen towels. With their elegant and stylish look, they can also be excellent decorative objects in a kitchen. The best kitchen towels and kitchen napkins made with quality cotton is brought to you by Turkish kitchen towel suppliers, MTC Linen!