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Baby Group

As a Turkish towel company, in MTC Linen, we do not only manufacture and wholesale bath towel for adults. We are also baby towels manufacturers. Alongside products like Turkish bath mat which is for everyone’s use, our baby group towels include products like bathrobes, towels, napkins for babies and kids of the highest quality. What makes us stand out amongst other baby towels manufacturers is not only the %100 genuine Turkish cotton we use for our products but also the fact that we offer you a chance create a unique item. You can order any product in our baby group in any size, dimension, color, density, or pattern you like. By choosing MTC Linen for your baby towel needs, you can have both customized and quality products of your choice.

As a kids towel manufacturer; we at MTC Linen promise to deliver only the best products for our customers. As a children towels manufacturer, we understand your concern for your children’s wellbeing, and work to assure you of the safety of our products. Just like all other products we have; our baby group towels are made from cotton of the highest quality and are highly absorbent. Because of the %100 genuine Turkish cotton we use, every product in our baby group collection has the maximum softness. Whether it is a napkin, baby towel, or a baby bathrobe, all our products are completely machine washable. They are guaranteed to preserve their softness and coziness even after many washes, as long as you follow the washing instructions we provide and do not use any chemicals. We recommend washing the products before the first use.

Every product we create at MTC Linen is soft, durable, absorbent, and is very much suitable for day-long use. Whether it is a bathrobe, a towel to dry your kid’s hair or a napkin, it is guaranteed to dry the skin with gentle softness. Our baby towels wholesale allows us to take the premium quality of Turkish cotton and make it easily accessible. As well as offering an easy way to order textile products, we also give our customers the option to customize our products according to their needs and wishes. You can choose the density, color, size, and pattern of the baby towels wholesale order by using the contact form on our page. You can also contact us any time, about any questions you have regarding your order. We are proud to serve our customers’ every need.