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Also known as fouta Towel, hammam towel, and Turkish towel, peshtemals date back hundreds of years. Peshtemals have been highly used in Turkish Hammams back in the days, and they are now a part of our daily lives with their versatile usage from scarfs and tablecloths to bathrobes and decorations. Peshtemals are also great beach towels because of their trendy look and absorbency. They also have gained popularity worldwide, and one of the most important things customers care about is the quality. As one of the leading wholesale Turkish peshtemal manufacturers, we produce the best quality luxurious peshtemals in the industry.

MTC Linen produces thin, light, absorbent, durable, and fashionable peshtemal towels which are woven from 100% genuine Turkish cotton. With their authentic texture and look, they stand out between classic terry towels, bringing a unique touch to the towel world. There are many towels, each serving a different task, but peshtemals are one of those that serve for many tasks. As peshtemals are very practical and versatile, they can be used as bathrobes; hand, face, gym, and yoga towels; shawls, blankets, dresses, cover-ups, tablecloths. MTC Linen peshtemals are machine-washable and have thin yet strong fabric, which makes them both practical and durable. We produce peshterry peshtemals ranging from 300 to 400 gsm and customize them with various colors, patterns, sizes, and weight selections according to your requests. So, your wishes create unique peshtemals specialized just for you! We manufacture and export peshtemal towels and guarantee you the best quality Turkish peshtemals. Check out our peshtemal group to explore our products!

Along with manufacturing peshtemal towels wholesale, we produce best Turkish bathrobeTurkish bath rug, and Turkish towels wholesale.

Towel Peshtemal

MTC Linen is a Turkish wholesale company producing towels with its highly motivated team. As peshtemal manufacturers, we are diligent in producing peshtemals that are high quality and reflect Turkish culture. Our towel peshtemals are manufactured with 100% Turkish cotton. Compared to classical towels, peshtemal towels may seem thin and lightweight, but they are as absorbent as a normal towel due to their quality fabric. They are great towels for beaches, holidays, and travels. As an experienced peshtemal manufacturer, we make sure that you choose the right towel for your businesses by offering you many options from fabric to colors and designs. Our peshterry products ensure you a luxurious feeling manufactured and styled specifically for customer satisfaction. Your Turkish towel peshtemal supplier, MTC Linen, is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with the best quality Turkish peshtemal wholesale.

Linen Peshtemal

We are here to help you with your needs, and linen peshtemal is exactly what you need for your business! With their versatility, uniqueness, and practicality, linen peshtemals are in demand worldwide. With their endless usage options, indoors and outdoors, they are great towels that serve many purposes as apparel, towels, and home decorations. Our eco-friendly linen peshtemals are made of 100% hand-picked cotton that grows in Turkey. We manufacture linen peshtemal towels by using outstanding quality Turkish cotton to provide you with the best products you can get. Besides, linen peshtemals make great gifts as they can be used multi-purposely at travels, celebrations, and activities like picnics, yoga, gym. Buy linen peshtemal wholesale now to experience the quality and luxury!