Wholesale Hand Towels Made of Turkish Cotton | MTC Linen
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Hand Towels

Hand Towel

Hand towels are small fabric pieces used in various settings like bathrooms, hotels, gyms, etc. They are primarily used for drying hands and arms after washing, wiping hands while cooking, holding hot lids, stretching over knees in restaurants, or wiping sweat in gyms.

As sustainability and recycling have become more of an issue, hand towels have already started to be replaced with disposable paper towels. As in these examples, hand towels are widely used in daily life.

Wholesale Turkish Towel Company MTC Linen offers bulk hand towels in various sizes and colors to cater to different needs in versatile settings. MTC Linen’s hand towels are manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure they are soft and gentle on the skin, just like kitchen towels. In addition, MTC Linen hand towels’ soft texture and luxurious design add an elegant vibe to the home.

MTC Linen set out with the idea that the towels should be outside the box as all customer needs differ. In this respect, it is offered customizable towels in different sizes, colors, and weights. Namely, hand towels are tailored just like face towels to the customers’ needs and desires.


What Size Is a Hand Towel?

Hand towels’ dimensions can vary depending on the manufacturer; they are generally 16×30 inches (40×76 centimeters) or around 18×36 inches (46×91 centimeters). Thanks to their larger size compared to a kitchen towel and smaller size compared to bath towels, hand towels are easier to handle and store.

Those who want to make more space in their towel cabinets can learn how to fold a towel to save space and store their towels more stylishly.

Turkish towel company MTC Linen hand towels weigh ranging from 450 to 650 gsm and size between 50×70 – 50×90 – 50×100 – 60×110 cm. However, they can be tailored to desired weight and size in bulk purchasing.


What Is the Best Hand Towel Material?

The best hand towel should be absorbent, soft, and durable to be used properly in the long run. These hand towels are commonly made from cotton, microfiber, bamboo, and linen. But Turkish cotton stands out among them and is considered the best quality cotton in textile. Bath towel manufacturers use Turkish cotton to leave a soft and warm feeling on the skin and to trap moisture for drying.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is a top-quality material used in towels, bathrobes, bedding, baby textiles, and home textile products. It is widely known for this quality, which makes it a top choice as a towel material.

Premium Turkish cotton is grown in Turkey’s Aegean region and exported to many countries worldwide. This Turkish cotton’s long fibers create a firmer and smoother texture and maximize absorbency, making it a perfect choice for hand towels and bathrobes.

The Best Wholesale Hand Towel Manufacturer

Today, everything is easily accessible, and this brings many options. However, this many options cause reaching real high-quality products even more difficult than usual.

Just as quality is not compromised in skin care, compromising the quality of towels that directly touch bare skin should be out of the question. MTC Linen has been producing products with this sensitivity in mind for nearly half a century.

MTC Linen is a Premium wholesale hand towel manufacturer committed to offering high-quality towels catering to customers’ specific needs. The company also offers various towels in various types, sizes, colors, and weights, manufactured from the finest natural Turkish cotton. Additionally, MTC Linen’s high-technology facilities and equipment combine with premium Turkish cotton and uncover towels that are exceptionally soft and durable.

MTC Linen is assertive about catering to every customer’s unique need with its customizable towels.