How To Fold A Towel? | MTC Linen
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How to Fold a Towel

Towels are the personal care products used in the kitchen, bathroom, and holiday suitcases for many different purposes. Therefore, towels require a storage place in homes or businesses. Towels need to be changed and cleaned regularly. Businesses need many towels for their customers, and hotels, have developed towel fold techniques to save space. This article, which is essentially a folding a towel guide, compiles the best ways to fold towels that save space and look stylish.

Although towels are personal care products, when the proper way to fold a towel is used, they can become a stylish decoration in the bathroom with their colors, patterns, and fabrics. Simple towel folding methods can help create a visual feast by displaying the towels in the bathroom. The bathroom becomes one of the most beautiful rooms of the house when towel folding techniques are used to exhibit the colors and patterns of the towels of wholesale towel manufacturer, MTC Linen. Without further ado, here is the step-by-step towel folding.

Quick Towel Folding TipsMTC Linen Textile

  • Place the towel on a flat surface.
  • Fold the towel in half on the long side.
  • Then repeat it in the same way.
  • There will be a small rectangle.
  • Then, turn the towel upside down with the short side of the rectangle facing down.
  • After that fold the towel in the middle by holding one short edge.
  • Finally, place the other edge of the towel in the pocket formed by overlapping the other short edge.

How Often You Should Fold Towels?MTC Linen Textile

Not that how to fold towels is explained. One more question remains: How often do fold towels? Towels evoke cleanliness and order. Therefore, towels should be in a clean place in the bathroom. The best way to store towels, which have a special place in the bathroom cabinet and shelves, is to fold them. There are different ways to fold towels to save space and create a beautiful display. To always use clean towels, unused towels should be folded and stored. Used towels should be placed as wide as possible, hanging on a place, as they will be humid and need to get air.

Decorative Towel Folding Methods

Decorative towel folding differs from normal towel folding a little bit and the cause of this is mainly its purpose. When doing decorative towel folding, functionality is the second priority while looking good i.e., decorative, as much as possible is the main priority. So normal towel folding techniques will not be helpful as much. Here are some methods for folding towels decoratively:

Classic Hotel Technique: This technique is to get sharp edges and store towels in open areas.

  • First, lay the towel on a flat area then fold the long end to the middle and then do the same for the remaining long side.
  • Then fold the short end just like the long ends leaving a gap in the middle.
  • Lastly, fold the towel in half and it is done!

Decorative Wear Reducing Folding:

  • First, vertically fold the towel in half.
  • Then, horizontally fold the towel in half
  • Finally, fold the towel horizontally once more and it is done!

Towel Folding Step by Step

Before explaining towel fold, step by step, it should be noted that this method is just the simple method on how to roll bath towels and not the best way to fold towels. The best way depends on the preferences as some might prefer decoration over function.

MTC Linen Textile

• Place the towel on a flat surface

• Put one corner of the towel in the middle of the long side to form a triangle.

• Take the edge left from the corner folded above and put it on top of the opposite edge. Thus, a pocket is formed in the middle of the towel.

• Turn the towel back

• Starting from the straight edge, roll up the towel until the edge takes the triangle shape.

• Tuck the small triangle remaining at the end of the towel.

• Thus, it folds into a cylindrical shape.

All these folding techniques can truly become decorative in bathrooms with high-quality wholesale Turkish towels of MTCLinen. Check out our other products like Turkish bath towel sets on our website now!