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Face Towels

Face Towel

Face towels are essential items for personal hygiene and skincare routines. They are smaller than hand towels and are used to dry the face after washing, gently remove products and makeup from the skin, and wipe sweat after exercising. The size of face towels makes them ideal for carrying in a bag, so people often use them in gyms or pack them in their luggage while traveling.

The softness and absorbency of a standard towel may vary depending on the material quality and workmanship. Since face towels touch the face, the most delicate part of our body, their quality is not something to be ignored. For example, as bacterial growth is faster for non-absorbent, wet towels, and face towels,’ absorbency should be higher than other types.

As a wholesale Turkish Towel Company, MTC Linen produces our face towels from the world-renowned 100% natural Turkish cotton and delivers soft and extra absorbent towels to our customers with peace of mind. Here are our recommendations on points to consider while purchasing a face towel.

What Size Is a Face Towel?

Face towels are small and absorbent fabrics used for drying and wiping the face and range from 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm) to 13 x 13 inches (33 x33 cm) in size. Face towels’ size may change, but ideally, they should be large enough to dry the face and small enough to carry in luggage when traveling. MTC Linen face towels are manufactured considering these concerns and have one of the ideal sizes comparing the market. Learning how to fold a towel will be helpful to easily place it inside the suitcase.

What Is the Best Face Towel Material?

There are some factors to consider while purchasing a towel, such as its materials quality, softness, absorbency, and size. Towel material is even more important when it comes to face towels as the items applied to the face should not cause redness or irritation as the face is delicate.  Face towels and hand towels are commonly manufactured from cotton, microfiber, bamboo, and linen. MTC Linens’ face towel softness comes from 100% natural Turkish cotton, renowned for its high quality and absorbency.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is commonly used in bath towels and face towels thanks to its soft, quick-drying, durable, and absorbent structure. Turkish cotton tight fibers trap particles without leaving any residue and are less likely to trigger skin reactions. So, using 100% organic Aegean cotton for face towels makes them suitable for all skin types as it is highly absorbent, durable, and extra soft. MTC Linen focuses on style to appeal to customers’ tastes and offers normal quality products for a lower cost. On the other hand, never compromises on quality and uses 100% natural and high-quality Turkish cotton for all its which makes them extra soft and absorbent.

The Best Wholesale Face Towel Manufacturer

MTC Linen is a reliable wholesale towel manufacturer and a sector leader in the wholesale bath towels suppliers sector with a rich history and a commitment to quality and excellence. MTC Linen face towels have the highest level of softness and hypoallergenic properties thanks to 100% natural Turkish cotton. MTC Linen’s reputation comes from its wide range of products manufactured considering the special needs of each customer, expert customer relations team, and high-quality materials.

MTC Linens has been committed to customer satisfaction, high-quality materials, and excellence for decades, making it one of the best in the industry. The company owes its customer satisfaction to its high-quality products, which are the result of years of experience, dedication to quality, and the latest technology. Additionally, MTC Linens offers wholesale purchasing options for many countries around the world, which can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs.