MTC Linen: Turkish Towels Wholesale Manufacturer and Supplier
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The Premier Turkish Towel Wholesale: MTC Linen

invites you to the luxurious world of Turkish towels
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MTC Linen is a Turkish towel company that has been producing wholesale Turkish towels since 1978. We started as a small manufacturing company and now offer a diverse range of products. We are proud to be a towel manufacturer that can carry out the entire production process in our own facilities. MTC Linen includes yarn, dyehouse, apparel, warp and weaving factories along with 4 separate production facilities with 350 employees.

Wholesale Turkish towels are guaranteed to be the best choice for your home, office, store and other facilities for their world-renowned Turkish cotton quality. Being one of the leading wholesale towel manufacturers among the Turkish wholesale suppliers, we specialize in making 100% cotton wholesale towels for which we use premium Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Turkish cotton has very long fibers; that makes our wholesale bathrobes, towels, bathmats, and wholesale Turkish beach towels extra softer and stronger. Check out our Turkish towels wholesale collection now to explore what we offer.

We also give our customers the option to customize their own, wholesale Turkish towels. You can choose whatever color, size, pattern and gsm density you wish by filling out the form on our contact page. Delivering your orders on time is of utmost importance for our business. If you experience any problems with your order, you can directly contact our after-sales services for solutions. Your Turkish wholesale suppliers, MTC Linen, offer you the best quality towels you can find among other Turkish towels manufacturers. If you are willing to buy quality Turkish towels wholesale is a great option for your businesses as they are cheaper.







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Finest towels from Turkey


Turkish towels have been increasing in popularity due to their superior quality and the world-renowned Turkish cotton used in their making. With high durability, as well as a silky texture, Turkish towels make the ideal option for both home and commercial use. As a result of such quality and versatility, a burgeoning demand for wholesale towel suppliers has emerged.

When looking for a supplier to buy towels in bulk, finding a reliable brand with quality products is all that matters. At this point, MTC Linen, a towel manufacturer in Turkey, has proven its quality with consistent production of high-quality towels and a commitment to excellence, answering the question of “Where to buy Turkish towels in bulk?”



Why MTC Linen Stands Among the Best Towel Brands?

We offer unrivaled excellence


Among a myriad of Turkish towel manufacturer brands, MTC Linen is what comes into mind when the ideal supplier for wholesale Turkish towels is sought. As a supplier with over 40 years of experience and an extensive catalog of towels, MTC Linen stands among the best towel brands.


Facts about MTC Linen and its production processes demonstrate why our company is among the best towel brands. Some of the reasons are:


  • Fifty years of experience: MTC Linen has been crafting top-quality Turkish towels for customers worldwide since 1978. Its commitment to innovation and contemporary methods allowed the company to make a name in the sector. Working meticulously with knowledge and experience, MTC Linen has been standing among the best towel brands worldwide.
  • Over 300 employees: A large team of over 300 employees allows a faster and more efficient production process at MTC Linen’s facility. Plus, thanks to the company’s aim to work with professionals in the field, a diverse set of skills and talents contributes to MTC Linen’s production force. The sizeable and highly diversified team ensures a high-quality output and efficiency in every stage of manufacturing.
  • Multiple production facilities: MTC Linen boasts yarn, dyehouse, apparel, warp, and weaving factories along with four separate production facilities. The benefit of having multiple production facilities is the ability to carry out faster manufacturing processes and respond to different orders from various customers more swiftly.
  • Amazon best seller in its field: The unrivaled excellence of MTC Linen has been proven by its Amazon ranking. The company has been ranked at the top of Amazon’s best sellers in the field. Nevertheless, the high ranking of MTC Linen doesn’t only show its top-level quality but also the company’s ability to understand and act according to recent trends, as well as customer demands.
  • Extensive variety of products: MTC Linen is known for its extensive range of products, from peshtemal varieties to hand towels. Our comprehensive catalog includes different towel products fitting every home and need. Also, at MTC Linen’s showroom, we demonstrate our rich catalog and creative power.
  • Use of quality material: Another reason why MTC Linen stands among the best towel producers in the market is its attentive use of quality material to produce top-tier towels. Our company uses world-renowned Turkish cotton with excellent quality to offer the ideal product. With high absorbency and a soft feel, MTC Linen towels are the best choice for both home and professional use.
  • Excellent durability for prolonged use: Thanks to MTC Linen’s high-quality towels, the need to buy new towels declines greatly. Our Turkish towel options come with excellent durability for prolonged use, even in the moistest bathrooms.
  • Full customization: As a wholesale towel supply provider, MTC Linen allows customers to fully configure the towels they will order in accordance with their desired colors, sizes, and designs.




About MTC Linen’s Facilities: From Yarn to Finished Product

Journey of our excellence


Turkish towels manufacturer MTC Linen produces its towels in four different facilities. With over 350 employees, the manufacturer is among the biggest in Turkey. With an emphasis on Turkish towel wholesale, MTC Linen delivers its high-quality products to different corners of the world, providing those who wonder where to buy a Turkish towel with the best option.

MTC Linen’s towels go through an advanced production journey, starting from the careful selection of materials. As cotton is a favored choice due to its natural absorbent properties and durability, we use the finest quality Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton stands out with its even higher absorbency and durability, making it the perfect yarn for the subsequent towel manufacturing process.

The following step of tower manufacturing is creating a yarn out of the picked material. At this stage, we use professional spinning machines to twist and weave fibers, creating a strong cotton yarn. The produced yarn should have the necessary qualities to produce the perfect towel, such as high absorbency and a plush texture.

Once the yarn is prepared, it’s time to dye and then send them to looms. Modern looms are quite similar to the traditional looms, albeit more complicated. They’re basically machines that hold the warp threads under tension and interweave them to create the towel’s foundation.

The final stage of towel-making involves cutting, stitching, and sewing the fabric into its designed form. In order to reinforce the edges, improving the durability and creating a fancier look.

Also, since different towel types have different sizes and textures, the final stage might involve various additional stages. For example, while producing face towels is a faster and easier process, bath towels – with their larger sizes – might go through a longer and more complicated journey.

All these processes are necessary for our products to reach excellence and obtain their final form. At MTC Linen, we meticulously carry out each stage of our production process to come up with top-level products. Besides, as we aim to produce towels for both personal and commercial use, we offer towel wholesale options besides individual sales.

Those who want to get the best Turkish towels can contact MTC Linen to buy towels in bulk.




Experience Turkish Towel Luxury with MTC Linen’s Top Brands

We offer unrivaled excellence


Luxury can come in many forms, and thanks to MTC Linen, it also comes in the form of towels. Thanks to the silky touch of Turkish cotton and masterful manufacturing, MTC Linen’s top towel brands equip homes with the softest luxury.


Soft and Absorbent

Turkish towels have a reputation for being among the best towel options. The cotton used in these towels is known as Turkish cotton, which is characterized by its long fibers, giving it a soft texture.

While MTC Linen’s Turkish towels are lighter and thinner than regular towels, they have high absorbency. Therefore, kitchen group towels are perfect for cleaning moist and wet surfaces without much effort. They also come in the form of a bath sheet, which allows faster drying after a shower. Plus, the silky feel of Turkish bath sheets makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin.



The elegance of Turkish towels is another reason why they have worldwide fame. These towels are designed with a wide variety of patterns and vibrant colors, giving them an authentic aesthetic. When used in bathrooms or kitchens, Turkish towels add a touch of elegance to the place, enhancing the atmosphere.

MTC Linen’s top-brand Turkish towels come in various forms and shapes, allowing customers to experience true Turkish towel luxury. With the vast array of products in our beach group, we allow customers to demonstrate their excellent taste even during holidays. Also, the practical and stylish appearance of Christmas group towels makes the perfect gift for loved ones.


Safe for Sensitive Skins

Since babies’ skin is more sensitive to coarse materials and chemicals, choosing the right towel for babies is critical. Therefore, baby group towels aim to provide the safest towels for the most sensitive skins, with their silky touch and meticulous production process that leaves harsh chemicals out.

MTC Linen’s quality approvals demonstrate the company’s successful business journey. Among the brands that enjoyed high-quality towels are:


Cotton Paradise Home Page



Why MTC Linen’s Cotton Towels Are Certified: Commitment to Quality

Delicering quality for half a century

As the product’s quality is significant for both individual and commercial use, finding a reliable wholesale towel supplier is vital. That’s why going with a certified towel manufacturer is the key to getting high-quality and well-designed towels.

At MTC Linen, we value quality and excellence. Thanks to our experienced team and the finest quality Turkish cotton, we are able to provide the most satisfactory products. With our operations spanning a 50-year timeline, we have been bringing traditional designs and contemporary methods together, delivering quality towels for half a decade.



MTC Linen’s Comprehensive Catalogue

Click the cover image below for our product catalog


MTC Linen’s comprehensive catalog contains the best options for those planning to buy bulk Turkish towels wholesale. In the catalogue, a rich variety of wholesale towels from various groups can be found.



MTC Linen’s Latest Posts and Updates

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