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Wholesale Turkish towels at MTC Linen are manufactured by experts in their jobs in order to get the highest quality possible.

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Towel manufacturer and supplier MTCLinen:
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MTCLinen and its well-known partners brings Turkish quality to homes.

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Enjoy our Premium Manufacturing Services

Mtclinen Bathrome

As a Turkish wholesale bath towel manufacturer, we offer the highest quality in our products by using %100 genuine Turkish cotton; which is both friendly to human skin and to the environment. You can order bath towels from MTC Linen very easily; with any color, pattern, density, or dimensions ….Bathroom View

Mtclinen Towel

MTC Linen wholesale towels are extra fluffy, highly absorbent, and long-lasting thanks to their fine fabric. We produce premium quality wholesale towels with various colors, patterns, sizes and gsm options. After you choose each feature of your towel, we craft it according to your demands and wishes.….Towel View

Mtclinen Bathrobe

Our bathrobes provide a super soft and cozy texture that will give a soothing feeling for those who are in search of comfort and luxury after a relaxing shower. They are also highly absorbent and very easy to clean…..Bathrobe View

Mtclinen Bathmate

Our super absorbent bath mats that prevent slipping in the bathroom offer a smooth texture for your feet at each step. The fluffy feel of the fabric comes from the 100% Turkish cotton we use to produce our bathmats. These machine washable mats are ideal for all families…..Bath Mat View

Mtclinen Bathrug

Bath rugs are great for bathroom decorations. They can transform an ordinarily decorated bathroom into an elegant and classy looking one. While they add color and design to bathrooms, they are also perfect for preventing the floors from getting wet with their high absorbent material…..Bath Rug View

Mtclinen Baby Group

At MTC Linen, we care for customers of all ages. Babies have sensitive skin, therefore towels used on babies must be of the highest quality. 100% Turkish cotton assures the softest texture for babies’ delicate skin….Baby Group View

Mtclinen Kitchen Group

Our wholesale kitchen towels are offered in a wide range of colors and styles. MTC Linen kitchen towels answer every need for a stylish decorative object and efficient use. Kitchen towels can be used for multiple purposes, both for drying hands and for cleaning….Kitchen Group View

Mtclinen Beach Group

These comfortable and elegant towels are perfect for sunbathing and drying at the beach. MTC Linen wholesale Turkish beach towels are woven with 100% cotton, which makes them highly absorbent and soft. As they are machine-washable, they also assure long-lasting usage….Beach Group View

Mtclinen Peshtemal Group

Peshtemals are great towels for beach holidays! They are stylish and unique along with being light and absorbent. These traditional Turkish towels will help you stand out with their unique authentic design. MTC Linen peshtemal towels are available in various colors, patterns and sizes….Peshtemal Group View

Mtclinen Christmas Group

Get into the festive mood! Our Christmas towels will bring Christmas spirit to wherever they are featured. MTC Linen Christmas Group is now available with various color and pattern options that you can customize however you wish. They are made of premium cotton and manufactured with care….Christmas Group View


We are Turkish towels manufacturers who produce 100% Turkish cotton wholesale towels according to your demands. You can customize MTC Linen towels in various sizes, colors and patterns as you wish. Our customer service welcomes any questions you may have. Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Your wholesale towel supplier MTC Linen invites you to the luxurious world of Turkish towels!

MTC Linen is a Turkish towel company that has been producing wholesale Turkish towels since 1978. We started as a small manufacturing company and now offer a diverse range of products. We are proud to be a towel manufacturer that can carry out the entire production process in our own facilities. MTC Linen includes yarn, dyehouse, apparel, warp and weaving factories along with 4 separate production facilities with 350 employees.

Wholesale Turkish towels are guaranteed to be the best choice for your home, office, store and other facilities for their world-renowned Turkish cotton quality. Being one of the leading wholesale towel manufacturers among the Turkish wholesale suppliers, we specialize in making 100% cotton wholesale towels for which we use premium Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Turkish cotton has very long fibers; that makes our wholesale bathrobes, towels, bathmats, and wholesale Turkish beach towels extra softer and stronger. Check out our Turkish towels wholesale collection now to explore what we offer.

We also give our customers the option to customize their own, wholesale Turkish towels. You can choose whatever color, size, pattern and gsm density you wish by filling out the form on our contact page. Delivering your orders on time is of utmost importance for our business. If you experience any problems with your order, you can directly contact our after-sales services for solutions. Your Turkish wholesale suppliers, MTC Linen, offer you the best quality towels you can find among other Turkish towels manufacturers. If you are willing to buy quality Turkish towels wholesale is a great option for your businesses as they are cheaper.