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Hand Towel vs. Face Towel: What’s the Difference?


Hand Towels vs. Face Towels

Towels are absorbent fabrics manufactured in different sizes and colors, mainly used for removing moisture from the body. Bathrooms, kitchens, gyms, beaches, and hair salons are where towels are most commonly used. There are many towel types used for different purposes, such as bath towels for drying off after a shower, Turkish peshtemal for stretching on a sunbed, and kitchen napkins for drying dishes. The most commonly used towel types are hand towels and face towels.

When should you use a hand towel?

Hand towels are small, commonly sized between 50 x 85 cm and 50 x 90 cm, used not only for maintaining hygiene; but also for adding color and elegance in many settings. Unlike its name, it is used for many other things as well as hand drying, which makes it one of the most preferred types of towels.

Hand towels are mostly used at home in bathrooms and kitchens for drying hands and arms after washing hands or dishes in order to prevent bacterial growth. Using hand towels instead of disposal paper towels reduces waste and is a more sustainable solution for housework. Hand towels are also used to hold hot items in the kitchen without burning hands. Athletes and sports enthusiasts use hand towels to dry sweat after heavy exercises when they hit the gym or go hiking.

Customers prefer MTC Linen hand towels thanks to their soft texture and luxurious style. MTC Linen wholesale hand towels can be manufactured in the customer’s desired weight, color, and size, and our standard hand towels are 50×70 – 50×90 – 50×100 – 60×110 cm in size and between 450 and 650 gsm.

What are the benefits of using a hand towel?

Even though there are some differences between hand towels and face towels, using towels, in general, is better than using disposable paper towels. Here are some benefits of hand towels.

  • Firstly, using a hand towel is much more nature-friendly than using disposable paper towels as it reduces waste.
  • Drying hands with a clean towel reduces the risk of bacteria and germs breeding, as dry hands are less likely to contain germs.
  • Soft textured hand towels provide a soothing feeling for delicate skin and are more comfortable than using a paper towel or air drying.
  • Hand towels can be used for a long time if cleaned regularly, following the conditions on the label.
  • Hand towels are a more budget-friendly choice as they are a one-time purchase. Although they may seem like a more costly option than disposable paper towels at first, they can be used for a long time.
  • Finally, hand towels provide a warm and stylish touch to homes with different colors and patterns. Turkish towel company MTC Linen’s rich color options are the best choice for those who do not want to compromise on quality and elegance.

When should you use a face towel?

Face towels are commonly used after cleansing the face with water or special products. People use face towels to properly apply products such as moisturizers, facial cleansing gels, serums, or toners to the skin and to remove the excess product from the skin. Using a soft face towel to dry after washing the face eliminates the tightness feeling on the skin by removing excess moisture or residue without damaging it. People also use face towels to wipe the sweat from their faces to avoid irritation after heavy exercises and workout routines.

Keeping face towels clean is crucial to prevent bacterial growth, which may lead to skin issues in the long run. Face towels can be used for a long time by preserving the best quality by following the instructions on the label.

What are the benefits of using a face towel?

Some people believe using disposable paper towels instead of face towels is healthier and more hygienic. However, disposable paper towels are more harmful to nature and the budget. Here are some benefits of face towels.

  • Face towels are the second most used in homes after bathroom towels, as it helps people maintain hygiene and ease the skincare routine.
  • Using a face towel is much healthier than just using water to remove excess dirt from the skin, as it removes all the impurities that accumulate throughout the day.
  • Massaging and gently rubbing the skin with a clean face towel helps boost blood circulation and remove dead skin cells, which results in a healthier-looking face in the long run.
  • Dermatologists place a warm face towel on the face to open pores before applying products to ensure products penetrate the skin faster and deeper.
  • Dermatologists also use face towels to wipe the products without irritating the skin.
  • Using a face towel is crucial for skin health in preventing the spread of germs or bacteria as it is a personal item.

The Differences Between Hand Towels and Face Towels

As mentioned above, towels are an indispensable part of daily routines, and they’re much more versatile than one might think. Most people tend to mix up hand towels and face towels. Although they may seem very similar or even the same at first glance, here are some points that distinguish face towels from hand towels:

Towel Sizes:

Hand towels are generally larger than face towels. Hand towels are around 15 x 30 inches (38 x 76 cm), while face towels are 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm). With this information in mind, the next towel shopping will be much easier as the sizes of the two towels are visibly different.

Usage Purpose:

As can be understood from their names, the usage purposes of hand towels and face towels are different. Hand towels are larger than face towels as they are used for drying hands, elbows, and arms that are more frequently exposed to water.

Towel Material:

The commonly used materials in towel manufacturing are Turkish cotton, bamboo, microfiber, and linen. Due to their differences in size and usage purpose, hand towels and face towels can be manufactured from different materials. As the face is one of the most delicate parts of the body, face towel materials must also be soft and preferably natural. So the most used materials for face towels are bamboo or organic Turkish cotton.

On the other hand, hand towels are more frequently used than face towels, meaning their materials are chosen with durability and absorbency in mind. For that, the most commonly used materials for face towels are organic Turkish cotton or microfiber.

MTC Linen is a Turkish wholesale bath towel manufacturer offering towels ranging from Turkish bath towels, hand towels, face towels, and bath sheets. MTC Linen brings the softness and quality of 100% organic Turkish cotton together with stylish colors and patterns. They offer customers the softness of 100% organic Turkish cotton by producing towels in size, gram, color, and pattern in line with the customer’s requests.