A Guide to the Different Types of Towels | MTC Linen
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Guide to Different Towels

Most people use the same towel to dry everything but there are many types of towels and each of them has a different purpose. In this writing, as, MTC Linen, we will explain everything and guide you between different types of towels and help you understand why you need them.

What Is a Towel

When asked this question most people say the same: it is what you use to wipe or dry. This is correct to some extent, but what most people miss is that a towel is used to dry even the most private parts of the body. It is one of the most important things which require detailed research before purchasing. So, read this guide about towels and see which MTC Linen towel sets you should get now. Whatever their type is, we always recommend washing the towels you buy from us before the first use and avoiding any chemicals like fabric softeners as they decrease the quality.

Types of Towels

The first step is to know the types of towels or towel names. The second step is to know what they are used for. The third, but an exclusive step to MTC Linen, is to know your preferences like the towel pattern, dimensions, and colors because here we can produce towels not just as you need them to be but also as you prefer them to be. All you need to do is to head over to the form page on our website and fill the form and order the towel you want. Although we use only the highest quality Turkish cotton as towel material there are many types of towels so first let us explain the types of towels we produce and their features one by one so you can be more decisive when filling the form.

Beach Towels

MTC Linen TextileA beach towel is the type of towel you feel comfortable leaving on the sunbed and using it after you had a freshening sea adventure. For this, the beach towels we produce are 100% genuine Turkish cotton thus extremely soft, absorbent, warm, and durable. The towels are not only good for your skin but also good for the environment thanks to the highest quality Turkish cotton. We want the best for you, for your family, and the environment so no chemicals, harmful dyes, or synthetics were used while making these towels.



Bath Towels

mtclinen-bath-towel-burgundyThere are five types of bath towels like bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, face towels, and foot towels. Bath towels and bath towels sheets are about the same except for some little differences. Bath sheets are larger and offer full-body coverage while bath towels are smaller and offer less coverage but the quality is the same. Our bath sheets have 13 different color options you can select from. So then, what are bath towels made of? The quality of the products we produce never changes so whether they are manufactured from bath towel material or any other towel material, it is 100% highest quality Turkish cotton and environment friendly. We trust our products so much that we can safely say that you can use these towels for your baby too. The high quality will not upset you and never leave a drop of water thanks to the high absorbency.


Hand TowelsMTClinen Hand Towel - Navy Blue

Hand towels are easy to carry so, such towels are the best for everywhere you go. But what are hand towels used for, specifically? Well, hands are the most actively used part of the body and they carry germs the most thus they need special care. The MTC Linen hand towels can provide this special care per your requests as we can produce them in any shape, measure, color, and weight you want. Just fill in the form on our website and order the towel you want and never get left behind of the quality. Also, don’t forget to check our latest Christmas Group products. With their upgraded size of 16×27, they are not only a towel but also a home decor to enjoy with your family.


Face Towels

MTC Linen TextileYour face is your most sensitive area, so it requires special care. MTC Linen face towels are made with so much special care that you can safely use them on your baby too. These towels are made to withstand many washes so even after all those washes your towel will not lose its quality thus your face will feel the softness and the quality as long as it can. Just like hand towels, these towels are generally small thus can easily be carried around with you. As always, our towels come with many options of colors and sizes.



Foot Towels

MTC Linen TextileUnlike the other types of towels, a foot towel generally stays on the ground and is used less but they serve a more specific purpose: to dry your feet after a bath. The never-changing quality of MTC Linen guarantees the best quality and durability and for foot towels for the bathroom too and they come with a variety of color and size options.



Kitchen Towels

MTC Linen Kitchen Group - Sand Taupe

Thanks to genuine Turkish cotton, the high absorbency of the kitchen towels we produce makes them ideal for cleaning stains in your kitchen. And as they are reusable, durable, they save you a ton of money. You can wash these towels in your washing- machine and tumble dry them and they will not lose quality. If you are unsatisfied in any way, we promise a full refund.




Peshtemal Towels

mtclinen-peshtemal-purpleMTC Linen Peshtemal towels are high-quality 100% Turkish cotton, multi-purpose and unisex towels. They can be a blanket, mat, shawl, or gift. They are thin, lightweight, and highly absorbent. The biggest difference is they come wrapped in a ribbon with a bow and an evil eve stone which is believed to protect from evil.



What Is the Difference Between Hand Towels and Face Towels?

The difference between a hand towel and a foot towel is not one but many. Hand towels are larger while face towels are softer. And as the face is a more sensitive area, we tend to make face towels as soft as possible. Face towels need more cleaning and changing but hand towels are more durable. Substances accumulated in your face are a lot more so you have to be more careful, but your hands are not as sensitive so we can use more resilient fabrics and you can just wash your hand towel. You cannot use them interchangeably if sanitary is your goal. One common feature is the quality as long as you order them from MTC Linen.