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MTC Linen is a wholesale towel supplier that prioritizes customer satisfaction and product quality in wholesale towel production. The most important thing for us is to produce high-quality towels you can offer to your customers without hesitation. Our towels are produced with 100% Turkish cotton and guarantee you high absorbency, softness, durability, and usefulness. We produce Turkish bath rugs, Turkish towel bath mats, bathrobes in addition to face towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and hand towels. You can choose from our large selection available in various styles, also we can craft the products according to your demands and wishes. We produce wholesale towels ranging from 350 to 850 gsm, and the color and pattern options are available for you to customize your towels.

As wholesale towel manufacturers, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer the best quality products to our customers. Turkish wholesale towels will take your business to the next level with their softness, uniqueness and quality. MTC Linen is a premium wholesale towel supplier offering personalized Turkish towels to the world.

Bath Sheets

Our oversized bath sheets are ideal for families and guests with elegant color options. The luxury cotton bath sheets we produce are 100% cotton which makes them highly absorbent and soft. They have double-stitched edges and can be washed in a machine with warm water, but they should be tumble-dried in low heat for long-lasting results. Fabric softeners should be avoided while washing the bath sheets as they damage the fabric and decrease the absorbency of the towels over time. Bath sheets remain soft for long periods when washed, dried, and used properly. Bath Sheets View

Bath Towels

The texture and the feel of a towel tell a lot about the quality of the product. MTC Linen wholesale bath towel is made from cotton, grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey, which is the best quality cotton. Our wholesale bath towels range from 350 to 850 grams, and the higher the cotton grams per square meter the softer the towels will be. One can experience the luxury and the coziness as our towels give a delicate touch to the body with their softness. Since the fabric of our products is extra soft and gentle, they can be used for newborns and toddlers. Also, they are very practical thanks to their high absorbency.

Since our towels are 100% cotton, we recommend washing the towels before using them for the first time. Some pilling may occur in the first wash, but after each wash, it will decrease. This will not affect the look, feel, or performance of the towels. Bath Towels View

Hand Towels

As Turkish wholesale towels suppliers, we produce towels that stand out with incredible quality and practicality. Our hand towels are made of %100 genuine Turkish cotton. Their soft texture offers a luxurious feeling and comfort which are perfect for homes, hotels, gyms, and many other areas. Besides, we offer elegance and comfort with a variety of color options. As a towel manufacturer and wholesale towels suppliers, we can manufacture towels according to your measures, shape, color, and weight demands for wholesale towel purchases. Hand Towels View

Face Towels

Our premium face towels are soft and gentle for the face and absorb water quickly. The fabric is suitable for sensitive skin, which is also preferable for newborns and toddlers. Our face towels can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, hotel, gym, office, and outdoors for different purposes. With a large selection of colors and sizes, we offer you Turkish wholesale face towels of high quality, and because of their high durability, the towels can withstand a great number of washes and stay in their best condition for many years.

As a towel manufacturer, we prioritize the quality and durability of our products along with the best prices. When you purchase from MTC Linen, you will become a part of our family and get the best quality wholesale towels that we carefully produce and deliver. Contact us now so we can prepare your products as soon as possible!Face Towels View