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Our Commitment To Quality And Sustainability

Our Certificates




Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

If you need top-quality towels that’ll enrichen the environment you use them, you’re at the right place! The Turkish towel company MTC Linen boasts the best towels in the industry. As a visionary company, we value innovation and development. When it comes to quality and sustainability, we stand out with our state-of-the-art facility and advanced methods.

We Offer The Right Towel

Using the right towel is key to offering the best service to your customers. Especially if you’re looking for towels to use in a business, like a hotel or a restaurant, you should make sure to use the best towels possible. And using smooth, absorbent and durable towels will allow you to provide your guests with maximum comfort.

Another reason to use quality towels is aesthetics. Towels made of high-quality materials tend to keep their colour, form, and texture longer than cheaper ones; they also seem brand new even after frequent use. This is particularly vital for businesses since clean-looking towels leave a better impression on clients.

In order to sustain the quality of our products, we implement a quality check at every step of our production process. At MTC Linen, we also have all the necessary international certificates and standard control certificates for towels.

Sustainable and Professional Production

At MTC Linen, we seek to achieve the highest quality. And while doing this, we don’t sacrifice sustainability; we avoid using harmful chemicals and toxic materials.

We understand leaving a green future to our children is vital. So, our quality control and R&D department carry out regular evaluations and research to find new ways to increase sustainability and adopt even more eco-friendly methods.


As a company that’s been in the business for over 40 years, we have a wide variety of products; you can find samples of different towels, from peshtemal towels to hand towels, in our showroom. For more information and pricing, you can always contact us.

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