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Beach Group

Beach Group

Alongside our Turkish bath towel set, our beach group products are also among the most desired products not just for their premium quality but for their practicality, as well. With 100% genuine Turkish cotton and double stitched hems, these towels will not leave a bad aftertaste in terms of their softness, absorbency, and durability. And the best part is the more you use it the more it softens. As beach towel manufacturers we care for the environment as much as we care for our customers. For this reason, these towels are completely natural and no harsh chemicals, harmful dyes, or synthetics are used in making these towels.

MTC Linen Wholesale Supplier Turkish Peshtemal

Just like the wholesale bathrobe products we have, Turkish peshtemals we manufacture are produced with customer experience in mind. So, just like our beach towels, our Turkish peshtemals are also extra soft, durable, and highly absorbent thus guaranteed not to leave any wetness. As a Turkish towel peshtemal supplier, MTC Linen understands your concern for business and service quality and your concern for your customers’ experience. We manufacture all our products at the highest quality possible and make sure they are reusable even after many washes.

So, whether it is towels or peshtemals that you buy, if you are a beach-side hotel owner you can just machine wash these products after usage or if you are a retail company you can reassure your customers that these towels will only get softer and softer after each use. Of course, we recommend washing the products before the first use and using cool water then tumble-drying on low and never using chemicals like fabric softener as chemicals tend to decrease the quality and softness of the products. All our wholesale beach towels can be manufactured in every desired pattern, color, size, dimension, and weight ranging from 350 to 650 gsm while protecting the quality.

With such qualities in mind, MTC Linen wholesale beach towels suppliers believe these products are the best for your business. So, whether you are a beach-side hotel owner or a retail company owner, or even a diving course owner you have nothing to worry about as our products will only promote your business. You do not even need to worry about the prices as wholesale beach towels suppliers we know the importance of your business and take everything into account and almost try to provide the best prices with the best quality products. If you want our premium quality to be a part of your business just head over to the form page on our website and fill the form and place your order right now!