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Human Resources

Human resource management (HRM) is a term that first appeared in the early 1980s. The recognition that the main point in efficiency and quality is ‘HUMAN,’ has hastened the transition process from personnel management, which is restricted to record keeping, to strategic human resources management.

To prepare our employees for the future, we place a high value on education at all stages and levels. This significance is communicated in a clear manner through the developed mechanisms, and “INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE” is made. This investment has a favorable impact on our employees’ organizational commitment and motivation. As MTC Linen, the secret to our corporate success is the meticulous application of seven basic principles (Efficiency Principle, Humane Behavior Principle, Equality Principle, Assurance Principle, Openness Principle, Confidentiality Principle, and Participation Principle) and our scientifically based human resources policy. In this framework, our human resource policy prioritizes efficiency and our business vision:

  • Giving importance to teamwork
  • Maintaining the personnel’s social and work life balance
  • Compliant with our Occupational Health and Safety legislation No. 6331
  • Seeing individual differences as opportunities
  • Sensitive to environmental problems
  • Supporting the learning process with in-service training

Offering equal and fair career management opportunities to employees, Aiming to serve the welfare of society with individuals with a high sense of responsibility.

We intend to take an approach and constantly develop our processes in accordance with these goals.
“Quality is never a coincidence. It is always the result of smart efforts.” John RUSKİN




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