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Why Are Bath Towels Essential for Your Child’s Hygiene?

Every parent worries about the health and hygiene of their children. Particularly first-time parents typically have a greater concern for their infant’s wellness and desire to provide the best possible environment for the young member of their family. Because of this, parents typically want to purchase the finest goods, whether they are purchasing baby food, clothing, or other things one needs for a newborn. Even though parents occasionally tend to be unaware of this, bath towels are one of the most important items for a child’s hygiene.

A bath towel is definitely one of the newborn baby must-haves. Due to their natural curiosity and activity, children, especially toddlers, will inevitably become dirty frequently. As a result, a significant portion of one’s parenting experience will be spent cleaning and washing their kid as well as ensuring their health. Therefore, it is safe to say that bath towels are essential for children’s hygiene. If you wonder why bath towels are so necessary for a child’s health, keep reading the post!

Responsive to Bacterial Infections

It is common knowledge that kids love to get dirty while exploring and playing outside. Parents should be mindful of their children’s hygiene while


they are simply being kids. One of the best things parents can do to keep their child healthy and clean is to use the right bath towel on them.

Since children’s immune systems aren’t as developed as adults, they are more vulnerable to infections and illnesses. Typically, a child’s immune system does not mature until they are seven or eight years old. As a result, children, particularly new-borns, are more sensitive to the flu and other bacterial diseases. Therefore, when purchasing a newborn towel, parents must consider more than aesthetics. The wrong towel might enable hazardous bacteria to spread or multiply. The ideal bath towel for a newborn should be resistant to bacteria. Although bacteria on the towel may not often cause significant diseases, they can cause rashes and other skin problems. Therefore, parents must choose an antibacterial towel for their newborn with care.

Use of Natural Substance

On the topic of skin problems, parents should always use the proper children’s bath towels to preserve their baby’s skin. The improper towel can create irritation or difficulties with the baby’s skin. Towels made of natural materials must be preferred because harsh chemicals or dyes used in some towels may irritate a baby’s fragile skin. As a result, when selecting the ideal bath towel for a child, parents should always consider whether the towel contains any dangerous materials.

Choosing the right towel for a baby might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, MTC Linen, one of the finest Turkish towel manufacturers, is always here to provide bath towels of the finest quality! MTC Linen’s baby bath towels are produced entirely of natural substances and do not include harsh chemicals or dyes. So, for parents who want the perfect towel for their baby, MTC Linen is the way to go.

Absorbs and Dries Quickly

The worst part of low quality bath towels is that they tend to stay wet for long periods of time and start to smell bad. No one likes using wet and stinky towels, and the same is true for babies, too. People of any age will be uncomfortable with a stinking overused bath towel. Parents might try to wash the towel more frequently in order to fix the odor problem, however, most of the time the issue cannot be resolved and the towel needs to be replaced.

When selecting a towel for their newborn, parents must always opt for the best quality towels, specifically made for babies. The perfect towel should absorb the water well and dry rapidly. Damp towels can make babies uncomfortable, as well as increase the possibility of them getting sick, as wet environments are ideal grounds for bacteria to breed.

Another reason why choosing the right towel is essential is that it will allow the baby to enjoy their bath time. Towels that do not dry quickly usually smell after a few days of not being washed. Even though adults might not notice the smell of a stinky towel right away, newborns are sensitive and can easily get bothered by it. A smelly towel will make their shower time uncomfortable.

Protects Soft Baby Skin

Parents should protect their baby’s fragile and delicate skin. Choosing the ideal towel for their child is an essential part of that. Towels typically come in a variety of textures and softness levels; some people prefer thick towels, while others prefer soft ones. When it comes to babies, however, parents cannot just guess what they like. What babies need are the softest towels that will not irritate their fragile skin.

Babies have sensitive skin. As a result, the wrong towel might give them discomfort or even damage their skin. Using thick towels may cause rashes, itching, and other skin problems. The ideal towel for an infant should be soft and specially designed for babies. There is no such thing as an overly soft baby towel. Because for babies, it’s always the fluffier, the better!

Choosing the softest baby towel isn’t just about protecting the baby’s skin from problems; it is also essential for their comfort. Since babies have more delicate skins than adults, using thick towels or textures might cause irritation. Babies should enjoy the time they spend in the bathroom, and the best way to make them enjoy it is by using a silky soft towel. When choosing the softest towels for a child, baby towels produced by MTCLinen are the best choice.

How Often You Should Wash Your Baby’s Towel?

It is critical to wash and clean baby towels for their hygiene and wellness. Keeping a baby’s bath towel unwashed for a long while may create infections or rashes, and cause discomfort. As a result, many people wonder: “How often should you wash your baby’s towel?”

The response varies quite a lot. Parents of a newborn baby won’t need to wash their baby towels too frequently because newborns won’t be walking and getting dirty for a good while. Therefore, washing newborn towels once a week or after each shower should be sufficient for their hygiene.  Additionally, it is best not to wash a newborn towel too frequently, as this could ruin it – which means parents would need to buy new towels to replace it. A better decision would be to buy some spare towels beforehand. This way, parents can properly wash the used towels and won’t have to wait for them to dry in case of an emergency.

Bath towels used on toddlers might need to be washed more frequently. Although toddlers often have a better immune system than new-borns, they are usually more active and curious. Since toddlers are more interested and have access to everything they need to make a mess, parents would need to wash them at really unexpected times. As a result, washing the toddler towel once or twice a week would be more suitable, as the toddler might need to be washed multiple times a week. It’s also essential to always keep extra toddler towels on hand since parents can’t predict when toddlers need to head to the shower, and using a damp towel on toddlers is not ideal.

Bath towels are essential for children of all ages. Parents of a preschooler might not have to worry as much as a new parent, but getting in the habit of washing bath towels at least once a week is a smart decision if the child tends to get dirty rather frequently. Since children usually start having showers by themselves around the ages of seven or eight, special bath towels for children won’t have to be used for long.

Choosing the right towel for a child is an important step for ensuring their health and hygiene. Therefore, parents should always be careful while buying new towels. But don’t worry, MTC Linen has the perfect towel for your baby! Being one of the most well-known bath towel manufacturers, MTC Linen produces the best bath towels for babies and children.