A Guide to Different Towel Sizes | MTC Linen
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A Guide to Different Towel Sizes

There are a lot of different towel sizes, varying according to the place and purpose of use. In this guide, we will try to explain average towel sizes and which size might be most suitable for your needs.

Bath Towel SizesBath Towel

At MTC Linen, we offer bath towels, bath sheets, face towels, hand towels and foot towels. We can produce bath towels in any size you want, and assure a perfect fit for your body and full coverage. While bath towel sizes vary according to design, a standard bath towel size is 70×140 centimeters. A regular size for a feet towel is 40×60 centimeters and a face towels are measured around 30×30 centimeters. Depending on your needs, we at MTC Linen can produce towels in every dimension, size, and color. All you need to do is fill the form in our website and you can feel the MTC Linen quality at your home.

Kitchen Towel SizesKitchen Towel

Kitchen towels generally are a lot smaller, as they can be used not only in kitchens but also in gyms or hotels, or anywhere you need a relatively small towel. They can also be referred to as a “washcloth.” They can be used to absorb the wetness in your hands, or face if used as a personal towel. They can also be used to absorb water drops or another beverage spillage on any surface. Kitchen towels are used very frequently; in order to ensure a long-term usage, we double-stitch the edges of ours. The average size for kitchen towels is usually 30×30 centimeters.

Beach Towel SizesMTC Linen Textile

As for every type of towel we produce, you can get the size, dimension, and color you wish by filling the form in our website. However, if you are unsure about the optimal size for a beach towel, you can note that you need an average-sized beach towel when contacting MTC Linen. Our beach towels offer the most comfortable experience with their eco-friendly Turkish cotton material, which gets even softer after use. While ensuring the quality of the cotton fabric used in towels, we also make use our towels can be used by anyone comfortably. For your consideration, the average size of a beach towel is usually measured around 70×150 centimeters.

Peshtemal Towel Sizes

Acknowledged by those who appreciate the quality and uniqueness of peshtemal towels, they can be the perfect gift for any occasion, for both family and your loved ones. For this purpose, an average-sized peshtemal fits most body types perfectly. Average peshtemal towel sizes vary between 90×170 and 100×180 centimeters. At MTC Linen, our peshtemal towels are made from quality, 100% Turkish cotton as we aim to offer the most comfortable experience.

Hand Towel Sizes

Hand towels usually come in varying sizes, generally depending on the design. They are perfectly absorbent and have the softest texture; they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens for drying hands. MTC Linen towels are also produced with durability in mind. We double-stitch the edges of our hand towels, to make sure they keep their form and quality texture as long as possible. The average size for a hand towel is around 40×70 centimeters. Although, if you want an even more special textile item to showcase in your house, you can always contact us by filling the form on our website. We at MTC Linen offer personalized towels in any size, pattern, or color.