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Bath Sheets vs Bath Towels

The differences between a bath towel and a bath sheet are often overlooked and this oversight led most people to think they are the same. This article will not only help understand the difference between bath sheets and bath towels but also focus on the different benefits of those two. A bath towel is what everyone uses dry after a bath session. A bath sheet, however, is what should be used to cover up after drying up with a bath towel. Although a bath sheet can be used as a bath towel and vice versa, it is not recommended to do so to be more comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Bath Towels?MTC Linen Textile

When trying to explain the differences between a bath towel and a bath sheet, the first one shines out with its cost-effectiveness. The best thing with this is that this cost-benefit doesn’t “cost” quality. When a single type of towel is enough the cost difference between the two becomes the primary determiner. But this happens only when just the bath towel is enough. Unfortunately, this is not almost the case, and to make no compromises on comfort, a bath sheet is almost always needed. One of the many other benefits a bath towel has is its usability as a hair-dryer. A bath towel is much easier to carry around both due to its size and weight, it can be wrapped around the hair and used to dry hair. A bath sheet can be used for the same purpose but again, it wouldn’t be comfortable because of its size and weight difference. The benefits of bath towels due to the size and weight difference between the two don’t stop there. As bath towels are smaller in size, they are easier to store and take up lesser space when drying and washing in machines, finally they dry faster. So, choosing between a bath sheet or a bath towel when only one of them is enough and making compromises on comfort is not a problem, should be easy because of these benefits alone.

What Are the Benefits of Bath Sheets?MTC Linen Textile

Not getting a bath sheet will mean less comfort. As their sizes are bigger, bath sheets can cover more areas and are suitable to wrap around to body after a shower. The size difference also brings more absorbance because the bigger the area of the towel, the more water it can absorb. On the other hand, bath towels can be more suitable for traveling, so they should be kept available too. So, instead of comparing them and choosing one over the other, having them both and using them as needed.

Bath Towels and Bath Sheets Sizes

Since the main difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel is the size, it is important to know what exactly qualifies as a bath towel or bath sheet. Bath towels are generally, 30×56 inches, or 76×142 cm while bath sheets are 40×70 inches, or 101×178 cm, in size. As the surface area changes, the size of a towel determines how much water it can absorb. So, the difference in the bath sheet size versus bath towel changes for what purposes they can be used. A big towel cannot be wrapped around hair and a small towel cannot be wrapped around the body. The sizes mentioned above are just the standard sizes for bath sheets and towels. Per the requests of the customers, MTC Linen can manufacture  wholesale towelsTurkish bathrobes, bath towels, bath sheets, beach towels, and many other products in different sizes, colors, and sizes.

What Is the Difference Between a Bath Sheet and a Bath Towel?mtclinen-size-6pc-yellow-towel

From hand towels to Turkish peshtemal, size is the main difference. But that difference between bath sheets and bath towels is actually the source of many other differences, most importantly: usage and cost. As the surface area of a towel changes depending on the size, the cost to manufacture them increases which, in turn, affects their affordability. As mentioned above a few times, the cost difference makes up for it by providing a higher absorbency. But the smaller size of a bath towel makes it easier to carry around and store. The bigger size of a bath sheet makes it harder to dry and wash but the smaller size of a bath towel makes it harder to cover the entire body.

Which Type of Bath Towel Is Right for You?

A bath towel or bath sheet? It all comes down to personal preferences. No matter which product a customer chooses and no matter what size, color, pattern, gsm, or dimension they request; MTC Linen can manufacture every kind of towel depending on the request of the customer. To have more information about our products, you can visit our website and send us product requests using the contact form on our website.