How Often Should You Change Your Towel? | MTC Linen
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How Often Should You Change Your Towel?

Towels are one of the personal care products we use in daily life. Towels have many different uses. Bath towels are for personal usage to dry off after a shower, hand towels are for everyone using the same bathroom, kitchen towels are for drying dishes, and baby towels are for gently drying the sensitive baby skin. The towels that touch clean skin should be clean too. The correct hand washing techniques, which stand crucial recently, are indispensable for hygiene. So, to achieve total hygiene, a towel touching a clean surface should also be clean. With the right cleaning products and techniques, it is possible that towels used for hygiene do not turn into a nest of germs.

It may seem that there is no problem in using the same towel for a while because not much time has passed since the last time it changed. But how can someone ensure that the towel is still clean? Maybe no one can tell whether a towel is clean, but how often to change towels is not a secret. This article will answer the questions like “How often should you change your bath towel?” and “When should you replace bath towels?”

How Long Can You Use a Towel Before Washing It?MTC Linen Textile

Skin health is the key to general wellbeing, so it is crucial to use clean towels as they directly touch the bare skin. The product label includes information on the correct laundry products, temperature, and machine program for towel washing. There are many points to be considered in towel cleaning. Firstly, how often to wash towels?

Humidity causes bacteria and microbes to grow on towels. Used bath towels can contain bacteria and should be washed separately and hung before reusing towels to prevent bacteria formation and provide a more hygienic wash. Paying attention to using the time of a towel is crucial for hygiene as the towels directly touch wet skin, which can cause bacteria formation. There are no precise data on this subject, but there are expert suggestions about how long to use a towel. MTC Linen products such as Turkish bathrobes and hand towels should be used three or four times, hand and face towels should be changed every two days, and Turkish kitchen towels twice a week.

How Many Times Can I Reuse My Towel?

Towels are the most frequently used personal care items and have a life like other products. Towels are to maintain hygiene, so it is necessary to pay more attention to the duration of use of towels than other products so that they do not threaten health. Towels directly touch the skin, which increases the contamination risk. For this reason, towels are washed frequently and wear out over time. Using old towels can lead to skin problems such as allergies, rashes, and itching. Towels are a need in many areas of daily life, but unfortunately, they are not long-lasting products.  Experts recommend changing towels every 3-4 years for hygiene and health. During this period, towels washed regularly and correctly can be used many times. MTC Linen towels are manufactured with a long-lasting fabric and can be used for a long time.

Do You Use a New Towel Every Day?mtclinen-hand-towel-dark-grey

The towel fabric is one of the most important things to consider when choosing towels. As towels are applied directly to the skin, they should consist of an absorbent and long-lasting material that does not irritate the skin. Although how often you should change towels varies, experts recommend changing towels every three to four days.  So, is it right to reuse bath towels for hygiene? Towels can contaminate bacteria on the skin by touching so when to replace bath towels is an important question for hygiene. Washing the towels too frequently can cause moisture to form more bacteria on the towel surface and adversely affects health. So, it would be better to choose long-lasting towels produced with the right material. MTC Linen offers options suitable for customer needs with different sizes, grams, colors, and patterns. MTC Linen towels can be used for a long time without changing them every day.