How Often Should You Wash Your Towels? | MTC Linen
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How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

A bath towel can find a place in home decoration with its usage habits, needs, material, and design. However, after purchase, towels also need to be maintained regularly. So how often should you wash bath towels?

Should You Wash Your Towel Every Time You Use It?MTC Linen Textile

The frequency of washing towels depends on the towel types. You should wash bathrobes and body towels after 3-4 uses, hand and face towels should be changed every day or every 2 days if possible. If it is kitchen towels, you can wash them 2 times a week. Although bath towels are products that are designed for frequent and intensive use, the towel you use may start to smell after the first shower. This odor comes on more easily, especially if the towels are not properly ventilated. If you do sports regularly or have a job based on arm strength, you should consider changing your bath towels a little more often. Also, you should not share your towel with other members of your family. Especially if a member of your family has a contagious skin disease, towel sharing is the first thing you should never do. A dirty towel is an ideal area for germs to spread. The bath towel has a moist environment where bacteria can easily multiply. It will be possible to minimize such risks when dirty towels are washed frequently. As long as they are used in accordance with hygiene rules, the hygiene towels give results suitable for their purpose.

Kitchen towels collect food remnants, and food residue stains create a bad odor caused by bacteria. For this reason, it is necessary to wash kitchen towels and clothes every week. If the kitchen towels are being used frequently, the washing and even replacement time will be shorter. Hand towels should be thrown into the washing machine regularly. As they are frequently used, have an environment where bacteria can reproduce faster, as well as being used by different people for various reasons. The advantage of hand and face towels is that they are quite inexpensive compared to other linen and towel products. For this reason, consumers often have more than one hand towel. In addition to the towels they use constantly, they also keep a few of them in reserve.

Can You Wash Towels with Clothes?MTC Linen Textile

Washing towels separately from other textiles and clothes can both prevent their hardening and provide a more hygienic wash. Just like when washing the clothes, washing the towels after separating them by color can prevent the towels from changing colors. Before washing the towels in the washing machine, it is necessary to separate them by color. It is wrong to wash towels together with another laundry as it causes the towels to harden more easily.

What’s the Best Way to Wash Towels?

As it is known, the cleaning of bath towels that come into direct contact with the skin is very important. The product label guides the program to be selected when washing bathrobes or towels. All MTC Linen products have washing information. But to give a general answer, it is appropriate to wash the towels in the cotton category at 60°C or 30°C.

  • Do not wash at high temperatures: Towels should not be washed at very high temperatures. It is possible to extend the usage time of the towels by washing them according to the temperature on the labels.
  • Use vinegar: The water used in washing machines causes the towels to harden. Some vinegar can be added before starting the washing program. Thus, it is possible to have softer towels by minimizing the negative effect of water.
  • Don’t forget to use softener: To make the towels softer and smell better, softener should be added to your washing machine after prewashing. In addition, a fabric softener should be added to the washing machine for each wash to maintain the softness of the towels.

Since Turkish bathrobe sets are produced from the highest quality Turkish cotton, they can be used for many years without any problems. However, bathrobes may lose their softness after a long period of use. This hardening, which normally occurs in bathrobes, may occur after an average of 3 years, depending on the wear share. However, mistakes made while cleaning them can also cause the bathrobe to harden. Here are some tips to prevent it:

  • Wash at 30 degrees: Bathrobes should be washed at the appropriate temperature so that they can be used for many years. Contrary to popular belief, washing the bathrobes in the washing machine at very high temperatures destroys the structure of the bathrobe and causes it to lose its softness. For this reason, it is a suitable choice to wash your bathrobes in a washing machine set at 30°C.
  • Make sure to use softener: The softener should be added to the washing machine before each wash to ensure that the bathrobes are soft after washing and drying.
  • Do not overfill the machine: When washing your bathrobes in the washing machine, you should be careful that the machine is not too full. Bathrobes that are washed in a washing machine that is not overcrowded will be rinsed better, eliminating the possibility of damaging the skin of the remaining detergent residues.
  • Dry in the dryer: You can choose to use a tumble dryer to keep your bathrobes softer and more fragrant. Drying the bathrobes in the dryer will also help you get rid of the thrush that will form on them after washing.


Keeping Towels CleanMTC Linen Textile

Taking the towels out of the washing machine immediately after washing and hanging them to dry or putting them in the dryer is a very important trick to prevent bacterial growth. Wetness or humidity can quickly cause bacteria or germs to grow on towels. In order to prevent this situation, you should not place the towels in the closet before they are completely dry.

Towels and bathrobes that are used regularly and therefore need to be washed can wear out over time. That’s why you need to replace old towels with new ones. Generally, towels can be used for 3 years. If the number of towels at home is limited and you use the same towels frequently, then you may need to buy new towels every year and throw the damaged products into textile recycling containers.

MTC Linen provides top-quality bath towels from Turkey. It guarantees customers high absorbency, softness, durability, and usefulness in all the wholesale towels. Since MTC Linen is a manufacturer, it has the opportunity to produce in size, gram, color, and pattern as requested by the customer. Customized towel models can be manufactured in accordance with the demands of potential customers.