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Dish Towel vs. Tea Towel

Dish towels and tea towels are both practical kitchen towels that are smaller than regular hand and face towels. They are one of the most versatile towels in the towel family as they have many usage areas such as:


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  •  cleaning counters
  • drying dishes
  • table setting and decorating
  • protecting the counters and tables from the heat
  • keeping food warm
  • drying the vegetables

“What are the differences between tea towel and dish towel?” is a common question on the internet, and in the search results, they are treated as the same type of towel. As a result, they are often used interchangeably and mistaken for each other. Well, they are similar in size and versatility, but the distinction between dish towels and tea towel is they are made of different materials, which changes the areas of use. Kitchen towel machine distributor MTC Linen offers a variety of Turkish kitchen towels in many colors and designs and allows you to customize your wholesale towels! Our tea towel, dish towel sales, and other types of towels at great wholesale prices can be found by contacting our team.

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What is the dish towel?

Now that we’ve talked about some of the differences between tea towel and dish towel let’s discuss the two separately. First, what is dish towel and for what purposes is it used? There are various dish towels, each made of different materials for several purposes. Dish towels are usually made of cotton and microfiber to ensure absorbency and durability.  MTC Linen has all kinds of dish towels with customizable color, design, texture, weight and size options. We manufacture the highest quality dish towels in the wholesale market with genuine Turkish cotton and our professional team.

How do you use a dish towel?

As the name indicates, a dish towel is a type of kitchen towel to mainly dry dishes to prevent dust and watermarks. However, dish towels are also practical towels outside the kitchen. They can be used for drying off sweat in the gym, cleaning the house, cleaning inside and outside the cars and decorating bathrooms. Dish towel sizes are usually standard and more petite than regular towels, but we manufacture dish towels in different sizes according to our customer’s desires. The most popular dish towels are cotton dish towels, terry dish towels and microfiber dish towels, as they are excellent in absorbency and durability.

Microfiber dish towel

Microfiber towels are great for cleaning tasks inside and outside. Microfiber dish towels are made of tight loops; thus, they can absorb water and hold up bacteria, making them practical cleaning tools in the kitchen. In addition, with their highly tight loops, they are quick-drying and durable. Microfiber dish towels are the most popular kitchen towels worldwide thanks to their versatility.

Cotton dish towel

Cotton dish towels are known for their softness and can be used mainly for drying hands in between washing and drying dishes. They make incredible decorations in kitchens and bathrooms with their elegant look and small sizes. Cotton dish towels can keep food warm, especially the bakeries, and protect hands from heat while holding oven trays and hot pans. The practicality and versatility of cotton dish towels make them one of the most popular kitchen towels.

Terry dish towel

Terry dish towels are made from terry cloth, which is great for drying hands and wiping kitchen tables and countertops. Terry dish towels are gentle for hands because of their soft material, and they have a quick-drying feature. They can also be used to dry dishes, but microfiber dish towels are better for that task as they leave no watermarks and scratches on dishes.

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What is tea towel?

Tea towels differ from dish towels by their material and areas of use. Tea towels are usually flat-woven towels made from cotton or linen. Tea towels are as absorbent as Turkish peshtemals and similar to them in appearance and texture. Tea towels are functional thanks to their fabric, which ensures versatility and a pleasant appearance in kitchens. Typically, tea towels have checked or striped patterns just like peshtemals and can also be waffle weaved for better absorption. MTC Linen has a wide array of cotton and linen wholesale tea towels in different colors. Plus, we manufacture tea towels with different designs and textures according to your wishes. All our products are manufactured and packaged with care by our professional team.

How do you use a tea towel?

Tea towels have many areas of use, but they are more commonly used for design purposes and cleaning delicate kitchenware, unlike dish towels. While tea towels and dish towels meet on common ground in some features like cleaning dishes, wiping tables and countertops, handling hot plates and protecting countertops from hot pots. Tea towel’s material has a more sophisticated and traditional look which is excellent to use as napkins, tea servings, wrapping presents, drying fragile kitchenware and as a decoration around the kitchen.

Cotton tea towel

%100 cotton tea towels have the ability to absorb water faster than many towel materials. The quality cotton tea towels are woven with Egyptian or Turkish cotton, considered the best kinds of cotton worldwide. Soft cotton tea towels are excellent for drying dishes and protecting countertops and hands from hot dishes. Our highly durable %100 cotton tea towels add a nice touch to kitchens and bring warmth with their soft fabric and stylish looks. The luxury cotton tea towels are great for decorating kitchens and bathrooms. There are also bamboo-cotton blended tea towels, which are usually fluffier and absorbent due to bamboo fibers, known as the softest materials. You can check out our towel collection and the article about the towel materials to learn more about MTC Linen cotton towels.

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Linen tea towel

Linen is a cloth made of the flax plant, known for its strength and luster. Linen is a strong fabric, so pure linen tea towels endure the harsh conditions of kitchens. In addition, linen tea towels are eco-friendly, lightweight and absorbent. Linen tea towels are usually known for their thinner and more elegant looks and are often used as decoration around the kitchen. Their traditional look adds a cozy ambience to rooms and is also very handy as kitchen towels. Linen tea towels are recommended for drying fragile and vintage dishes to prevent scratches and damage. These tea towels are also great for drying vegetables.