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Types of Bathroom Towels

Every bathroom needs different types of bath towels, and wholesale towel manufacturer MTC Linen is here to guide you through bath towels with different purposes, materials, sizes and weights. Towel production is our passion, and we start the manufacturing process by harvesting the best quality Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Then, the cotton goes into processes like spinning, warping and weaving to become a final product as a towel. Lastly, our team makes quality control and packaging to send our wholesale towels to our customers worldwide. Turkish towels were used often in the Ottoman period as Turkish baths and hammams were part of the culture of the Empire. The fame of Turkish towels come from hammam culture and the quality of the raw material, Turkish cotton, which is known for its long fibers that makes the famous towels great in absorbency, durability and softness. Bathroom towels have many purposes, from drying face, hands, body, and feet to preventing the floor from getting wet. The main types of bathroom towels that are a must in every bathroom are face towels, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, bathrobes, peshtemals, bath mats and bath rugs. These various types of towels differ in size, material, weight and shape. Each has multiple purposes but can be used interchangeably too. MTC Linen has all kinds of bathroom towels with customizable options. We let our customers choose the product color, pattern, size and weight and produce the orders accordingly. You can find our towels on sale on our website, and contact our customer service for your orders!

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What is bathrobe?

The bathrobe is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about bathroom towels. But, what is a bathrobe, and how does it differ from bath towels, bath sheets and peshtemals? Bathrobes, also called dressing gowns, are essential towels in bathrooms worn before and after a shower or bathing for drying and privacy. It is one of the most comfortable towel products for bathrooms as they are loose fit and fluffy. They are made of the same material as bath towels and sheets, yet, more practical after getting out of the shower at hotels and homes. Bathrobes also provide warmth and comfort in the winter. Another alternative for bathrobes is Turkish peshtemals. Peshtemals are similar to bathrobes for usage purposes but are lighter and great alternatives for hotels, beaches, pools and saunas.

How should bathrobe types and materials be used?

Bathrobes are extremely versatile towels. They can be used as morning gowns, bath towels, cover-ups on beaches and pools, and worn around the house for a cozy and luxurious feeling. With their different color, pattern and weight options, they can be worn before and after a shower, by the beach, in gyms, saunas, hotels and homes. Our bath towels, bath sheets, bathrobes and peshtemal bathrobes are on demand worldwide as we offer customizable options to our customers and produce authentic Turkish towels with great quality. Bathrobes’ comfort and practicality is an indisputable truth, but which materials be used in the making of bathrobes and how to use them? Let’s discover some of the best materials for bathrobe types.

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Cotton bathrobe

Cotton is the most demanding material in the towel industry because of its softness and absorbency. The softest material for towels, most manufacturers prefer producing bathrobes woven with cotton. Cotton types like Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton and Turkish cotton are the most popular in the market for their quality. MTC Linen is known for its genuine Turkish cotton bath towels and elegant-looking bathrobes that many companies prefer.

Bamboo bathrobe

Bamboo bathrobes have gained popularity in recent years as they offer eco-friendly and anti-bacterial features, softness, and durability. They are also great in absorbency, which is excellent for bathrobes as quick drying towels are more practical and better for health. Moreover, as bamboo towels are lighter than cotton towels, they are also the perfect material for peshtemal bathrobes. There are also bamboo-cotton blended bathrobes which are popular in the market as they combine the best materials for towels. Turkish towel wholesale manufacturer MTC Linen has a wide collection of bamboo peshtemals and bathrobes in many colors and patterns.

Microfiber bathrobe

Microfiber is another choice for types of bath towels as microfiber towels are woven with highly absorbent fibers, which prevents towels from staying damp for very long. Mi

crofiber towels are made of tighter loops, unlike cotton and bamboo towels, and they are also great for cleaning as they hold up bacteria with their small and tighter loops. Microfiber towels are widely used as cleaning tools; however, they also make up great bath towels and bathrobes. Microfiber towels are not as efficient as cotton and bamboo towels, which leave a luxurious and cozy feeling on the skin, but can be used interchangeably with other towel materials.

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What is the bathmat?

Bath mats are practical towels to stand on after getting out of the bath or shower. Bath mat and bath rugs are categorized as towels and are among the most preferred bathroom towels in the towel family. There are rubber or plastic non-skid pads on one side of these towels to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. In addition, bath mats are usually made of cotton, preventing them from staying wet for long hours. Plus, cotton towels are very functional as they are soft and durable after many washes. Unlike traditional bathroom rugs, bath mats and bath rugs are machine washable and more suitable for wet floors. In addition, bath mats can be used as elegant decorations in bathrooms, spas, and hotels. You can check out 100% genuine Turkish cotton MTC Linen bath mat and bath rug products in our “Bathroom” collection and contact us to customize the size, color, material and weight of your wholesale bath mats.

How should bath mat types and materials be used?

Bath mats are made to prevent slips in the bathroom and are generally used in front of the shower or bathtub for safety and absorbing purposes. On the other hand, bath rugs are usually preferred for design and decoration purposes. Like bath mats, bath rugs can absorb water, prevent slips, and are machine-washable like other bathroom towels. No matter what the bath size is, MTC Linen bath mat types can fit any bathroom with their wide range of sizes and styles. Some of the popular materials for bath mats are:


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Cotton bath mats

Cotton has the ability to absorb water faster than other towel materials. For that reason, the best bath mats are usually woven with cotton, mainly Turkish and Egyptian cotton, which are the best quality cotton worldwide. %100 cotton bath mats are the most functional products you can find in the wholesale market. Our highly durable bath mats and bath rugs add a nice touch to bathrooms and bring warmth with their stylish designs.




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