Different Types of Towel Materials | MTC Linen
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Different Types of Towel Materials

Choosing the right towels for your business can make a huge difference for your brand. With our vast experience, we offer you products that are excellent in quality, made with genuine cotton grown in Turkey’s most fertile lands. The only thing you left for you to do is choosing the colors, patterns, sizes, and weights of the towels that you want for your business; we prepare them with great care. We offer many towel models to our customers and have a large catalog for you to choose the right one. You can fill out our form on our contact page now for more information.

Types of Towel Materials MTC Linen Textile

What material are towels made of, and which towel material is best for you? There are many options when it comes to towels. There is no ultimate towel material or best bath towel material, best face towel material, best bath mat material, etc. It can only be said that some towel fabrics are preferable on different occasions for various reasons. Some of them are better in absorbency, some are softer, some are lightweight and practical, some are great for cleaning, and some are more durable. So, it all depends on the user’s choice and preferences.

Some types of towel materials that are popular on the market today are:

  • Microfiber
  • Terry cloth
  • Organic cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Turkish cotton
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Pima cotton

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels have very small fibers made from a combination of polyester and polyamide, which makes them more absorbent than other materials. They are great cleaning tools as they can pick up dust and dirt easily. Microfiber bath towels can be used as a travel, beach, gym, yoga and camping towel as they are excellent in absorbency along with being soft and lightweight.

Terry Cloth Towels

With their unique style of weaving, terry cloth towels are one of the softest, coziest, and most absorbent cloth materials in the world of cotton towels. They are great drying towels as bath towels, bathrobes, face towels and kitchen towels. Terry cloth dish towels are excellent in absorbency, quality and practical for drying dishes. Terry cloth towels are also perfect as baby towels as they are soft and preferable for sensitive skins.

Organic Cotton Towels

What can be a better eco-friendly option than organic cotton towels? Woven with genuine Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean coastal region of Turkey, organic cotton towels provide top-level comfort with their softness. MTC Linen’s 100% organic cotton bath towels and organic cotton hand towels are excellent ways to start the journey to an eco-friendlier world.

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo fiber is a bath towel material that is very popular for its softness and anti-bacterial property. Bathrobes made from this material look very elegant and are very soft, which is excellent for sensitive skin types.

Turkish Cotton Towels

Turkish cotton towels, or sometimes called peshtemal towels, have always been very popular in the towel industry. Turkish cotton towels are made with 100% premium cotton which has very long fibers, making them highly soft and absorbent. The softness of a towel is a very important feature, especially with bathrobes, face towels and hand towels. Therefore, cotton towels are a must in bathrooms for a softer and smoother feeling.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Luxurious Egyptian towels offer a durable and absorbent experience for the users as they are highly strong. Egyptian cotton is used to make towels and sheets because of their absorbency. Egyptian cotton bath towels, hand towels and face towels are great choices for hotels because of their strength and longevity.

Pima Cotton Towels

Made from cotton grown in the United States, Pima cotton towels are highly durable and great in quality. If you want to add Pima cotton bath towels or face towels to your collection, there is no need to worry about their quality as they are very similar to Egyptian cotton towels, which are known for their soft and fine fabric.

What’s the Difference Between Egyptian and Pima Cotton?MTC Linen Textile

Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are indeed very similar, except for where they grow. Egyptian cotton is grown in the hot climate of Egypt, while Pima cotton is grown in the United States. They both have long fibers, so they are strong and durable. They are also resistant to wrinkling, which is a good feature, especially for hotels as they can easily be folded neatly after washing.

How to Wash Microfiber Towels

When it comes to washing microfiber towels, there are some methods to keep in mind to protect the product. Microfiber is a type of material that has some differences from cotton towels; they can easily wear off if not washed properly. The first option to wash them is hand washing, as it is the gentlest way to clean them. However, using machines is a more practical option. Microfiber towels should be washed with cold or warm water with a small amount of detergent, but fabric softeners should be avoided.