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How to Wash Towels: Towel Cleaning Tips

Learning the most efficient ways to clean your towels is key to keeping yourself away from infectious diseases. To provide yourself with the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene you should know which factors should be taken into consideration most. In this article, MTC Linen, one of the most trusted wholesale towels manufacturers, will answer the frequently asked questions about how to wash towels.

How to Wash Towels in Washing Machine

Although washing machines made life easier by eliminating the hard work, they also increased the complexity of washing, which caused new questions:

1- How often should towels be washed?

It depends on which purpose the towel is used for, but generally, washing towels after 3 or 5 usages is the best way to make sure they stay clean.

2- Can towels be washed with clothes?

Towels and clothes might have different materials and doing so may damage both the clothes and the towels.

3- What is the recommended amount of detergent?

Do not put more detergent than needed, or the towel might get damaged. To remove any extra detergent residue, no more than one cup of vinegar can be added to the water during the rinse cycle.

4- What is the best setting for washing towels?

Washing machines should be operated on the normal cycle, and a fabric softener should be applied to keep the towels fluffy.

5- Can towels be washed in hot water?

Hot water is not recommended for washing towels since it may damage the fabric.

6- Can towels be washed with sheets?

It is not recommended to wash the towels and sheets together. Towels should only be washed with other towels, or their lifespan will be decreased.

How to Wash Colored Towels

Apart from a few things, colored towels share the same rules as other towels. First and foremost, colored towels should only be washed with other colored towels and if bleaching is needed, a color-safe bleach should be used to avoid discoloration. Before washing your colored towels, you should read the care label first.

How to Wash White Towels

Washing white towels with colored towels must be avoided, or the discoloration might render them unusable. As for how to bleach white towels, you should only use non-chlorine bleach to avoid any possible damage. However, the most important step in washing towels is to check what is on the care label.

What Setting Should You Wash Towels on in the Washing Machine?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the washer settings for towels. Apart from their colors, the fabric of the towel also plays a role in choosing the settings in washing machines. The specifics for each fabric are always put on the care label. Even after reading this post, we recommend relying on the care label first. Many manufacturers recommend towels be washed in the warmest water possible that is appropriate for their fabric. Some washing machines also have washing cycles specifically designed to wash towels. For washing machines without those special cycles, it is recommended to use the regular cycle.

Should You Wash Towels in Hot or Cold Water?

Though hot water can help kill bacteria, it is not recommended to use hot water to wash towels, especially for colored towels. As colored towels are made using sensitive materials, hot water may damage their fabric and cause discoloration, rendering them unusable or decreasing their lifespan at the very least.

White towels do not suffer from the same discoloration disadvantage as colored towels but whether to wash towels hot or cold comes down to one thing: the care label. Every towel comes with washing instructions written on its care label. So, even though we recommend warm water be preferred when washing towels, as the warm water causes no harm to both colored and white towels, you should always check the instructions first.

Towel Buying Tips

Buying the right towel is the most important thing and the washing tips come second. Without high quality, it is impossible to provide hygiene. MTC Linen is here to make sure you have the highest quality products. From Turkish bathrobe sets to Turkish bath mats, MTC Linen products are manufactured with the highest quality materials to make sure our customers have one less to worry about. Apart from quality, there are also several aspects to take into consideration, as well.

Match Towels to Your Style

Most of the time towels are personal and private, they can and should reflect their user’s style. Because a towel is not something to be thrown away after a few days, it can be used for years, and no one would want to use something they don’t like for many years to come. As a wholesale towels manufacturer, we provide all sorts of towels, so finding a towel matching your style will not be a problem. Whether you want colorful options or classic white, it is possible to find them all at MTC Linen.

Choose the Best Towel Materials

Another important thing to consider when buying a towel is the materials because depending on the materials, it might be needed to wash towels hot or cold. Most of the MTC Linen products like Turkish bath towels are manufactured using Turkish cotton, so it is safe to wash them in warm water. But not every towel might be the same, so it is best to choose the highest quality materials and known manufacturers for your convenience.

Follow Towel Care Instructions

Everything discussed on this page is compiled from various sources and should only be seen as recommendations and generally agreed on answers to the most asked questions. The information provided here is for your convenience and not absolute. Even when washing and cleaning MTC Linen products care labels should be checked first. Each towel might have different instructions written on its care labels, depending on the fabric and color.