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How to Choose the Perfect Gym Towel

Gyms have become the most visited places in people’s daily routine because of the urban lifestyle. Many people buy gym memberships and spend most of their time in fitness centers to maintain an active lifestyle or get in shape for the summer. Gyms are great places for those who don’t have a good walking environment in the neighborhood or the equipment at home to work out.

Towels for the gym should be chosen more carefully than household towels as they can be used both for wiping down equipment or sweat off, which makes them more exposed to bacteria than other towels. Regular laundry washes may be sufficient for the towels at home. However, gym towels can’t be cleaned thoroughly if the towel’s material is not suitable. Towels are made of different materials, and their usage areas may vary according to the features of their fabrics. For this reason, it is necessary to look for certain features to find the best gym towel.

Where to Buy Gym TowelsGym Shelves

When it comes to finding the best gym towel, there are some key factors to look at. Finding a good quality towel is not an easy mission considering the vast options available on the internet. However, manufacturers that have been in the industry for a long time offer wholesale towels to the international market with a wide selection. The most crucial factors to take into consideration while searching for wholesale towel manufacturers are the reliability of the producer and the quality of its products. Since 1978, MTC Linen has been one of the most trusted companies in the textile industry. MTC Linen follows each step carefully, from the production process to the delivery, to produce the best quality towels for companies who seek quality Turkish towels.

What Are the Best Fitness Towels?

To find the best workout gym towel that will meet needs, it is necessary to look at the different features of the towels such as material, absorbency, size, softness, and durability. Along with those features, it is also important to choose the right color for fitness towels. While bright colors like white gym towels may get dirty easily, dark colors like black gym towels would be a better choice to keep them stainless and newer looking.

What Are the Best Materials for Gym Towels?Gym Towel Materials

Now, let’s look at some of the best materials for fitness towels. First off, it is necessary to determine the purpose of use of the gym towel. Towels for the gym can be used at different times as follows:

●     Before and after the workout for wiping down the gym equipment:

These towels should not need to be highly absorbent or large as they are only for hygienic reasons that one can also carry easily. Microfiber towels in the size of hand or face towels would be enough for this purpose as microfiber is an ideal fabric that has tiny and dense fibers which remove bacteria from the surfaces and store them.

●     During the workout to wipe off sweat:

Gym sweat towels are essential to keep the body cool during the workout. Wiping sweat by hand is quite risky and is a habit that will invite diseases; thus, sweat towels play a crucial role in gyms. Some of the best materials for sweat towels are bamboo, cotton, and terry cloth, as they are absorbent and leave a smooth touch on the skin without any irritation.

●     After showering at the gym:

No one wants a wet towel after showering at the gym, so the shower towels should be chosen carefully. Best gym shower towels are cotton and bamboo gym towels as they are highly absorbent, durable, and have a soft texture that is gentle for the skin. However, they should neither be so thin, nor thick as both can take time to dry. A great option to use as a shower towel can be peshtemal towels for the gym. MTC Linen’s Turkish peshtemal towels are made of quality cotton, which makes the towels absorbent, soft, and durable. Peshtemal towels are also lighter than regular towels which makes them easier to carry and dry.

Why Should I Choose Turkish Towels for Gym?

Turkish towels are known for their high-quality material, which is Turkish cotton. When choosing a towel for the gym it is a must to consider the towel’s absorbency, material, size, softness, and durability. MTC Linen’s Turkish cotton gym towels offer various advantages in this sense:

●     High absorbency: They are woven with quality organic cotton th

Turkish Gym Towels

at is grown in the Aegean coastal region of Turkey so they have high levels of absorbency. The absorbency of a gym towel should be taken seriously as non-absorbent towels will stay wet during the workout, which is prone to bacterial growth.

●     Quality: The material used in manufacturing is important for gym towels as they are used more harshly than the towels at home. Turkish cotton gym towels are made of genuine cotton that differs from other towels.

●     Size: Various sizes are suitable for different purposes. Gym towel sizes depend on people’s needs. They can be in the size of the face and hand towels or bath towels that are more suitable for showers or yoga. MTC Linen has various size and color options for gym towels that can adapt to any need with their customizable options.

●     Softness: It is one of the great features of Turkish cotton towels. Turkish cotton has very long fibers, which makes them smoother than other fabrics. As a result, gym towels that are made of organic Turkish cotton are great in softness which is also better for the skin.

●     Durability: It makes the gym towels long-lasting compared to standard cotton towels. Gym towels should be washed after every use, and for this reason, they have to be good in durability to be long-lasting. Turkish cotton’s long fibers not only make towels soft, but they also make them strong and durable, which is preferable, especially for gym towels.

Wonderful Wholesale Gym Towels

MTC Linen is known in the wholesale industry for its high-quality towels that are made with special care. We manufacture the best Turkish wholesale bathrobes, bath sheets, hand towels, face towels, bath mats, peshtemals, and wholesale kitchen towels in various sizes, colors, shapes, and weights. Our wholesale towels are suitable for the gym as cleaning, sweat, yoga, and shower towels. As they are customizable, the colors, sizes, and weight of the gym towel can be picked according to your company’s needs. We suggest you look at our hand and face towel group along with the bath towel group, which are great for gym use.