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How to Dry Towels: Towel Drying Tips

High-quality luxury towels are manufactured by using sensitive materials to make sure they can take care of sensitive skin the best. For a luxury towel to do its job correctly, it also needs to be taken care of. Towels should be dried with care and learning how to dry towels is not as easy as it sounds because there are several ways to dry towels. Some of these ways may not work as intended, depending on the color or the quality of the towel. So, we prepared this post to help our readers to dry their towels efficiently.

Best Quick Dry Bath Towels

Before getting into drying towels, let’s first discuss the most important aspect to take into consideration: quality. Quality means everything done and used while manufacturing a towel. From its fabric to coloration, everything affects the lifespan and attributes of a towel. Some towels may not dry as quickly as hoped no matter what is done and this may cost you time. To be sure to get high-quality luxury towels that dry fast, purchase them from a well-known and experienced manufacturer. Thanks to years of experience in manufacturing towels, wholesale towel manufacturer MTC Linen knows what to do to make sure to deliver the highest quality towels to the customers. Thanks to their unmatched quality, MTC Linen products dry fast and never cause a problem while drying. If you want to try our high-quality products yourself, just head to our website Turkish bath towel sets today. You can craft your towels according to your needs and make bulk purchases.

How to Dry Towels in a Dryer

Drying towels in a dryer is not as hard as many people think. As long as you follow the instructions and do not overdo drying, you won’t harm the towels. Of course, there are some points you should approach with care, such as how long you keep towels in a dryer or what setting to dry towels on. Also, we should point out that there is no special towel drying machine or towel drying setting on dryers, this is because what settings the dryers should be used depends on the fabric of the towel or cloth. So, for your convenience, we will be explaining the important things to consider when drying a towel with a dryer. First and foremost, we do not recommend drying white and colored towels together, as either a color transfer or a discoloration is quite possible. It should also be noted that whether they share colors or not, towels and clothes should also be dried separately. After the drying process is complete, take towels out promptly and immediately fold them, or the towels might have lots of wrinkles afterward. Now that the important aspects are mentioned, let’s also take a look at what settings to use to dry towels.

Dryer Setting for Towels

As mentioned above, there is no special towel dryer machine or a towel drying setting on dryers, so the best dryer setting for towels is either the regular or the automatic. What setting to use does not change from color to color. So, whether the towel is white or colored, it is always recommended to use these settings. So long as towels are high quality and have durable fabrics, the dryer will dry the towels at the highest heat without damaging them. It should be noted that over-drying must be avoided, as no matter how durable the fabrics are, excess heat will eventually damage and destroy the integrity of towels.

How to Dry Towels without a Dryer

Drying without a dryer is harder but safer and there are many tips that can help avoid this job from turning into a hassle. But both ways have their upsides and downsides, so it is up to you to decide which one is the best way to dry towels after a shower or any sort of usage. Before starting to dry, there are a few things you can do at the washing stage to make it easier to dry. To save drying time, the highest or at least a higher-than-normal spin setting should be used while washing towels in the washing machine. Another time-saving method is to roll the wet towel up inside a dry towel. Step by step explanation of this trick is to first lay the wet towel on top of another dry towel. A highly absorbent, soft dry towel is the optimal choice, as microfiber is more absorbent than many other materials.  Next, roll them into a sausage shape, and finally, twist the sausage-shaped towels from one end to the other. Once it is done, the dry towel will absorb any excess water and help the wet towel dry faster.

Now that we discussed the tips, let’s see how to dry towels without a dryer. The first thing that comes to mind is to iron the wet towel. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but you should tread with caution not to leave the iron on top of the towel. The second way is to use a heated airer to decrease drying time. Lastly, we can recommend using an airing cupboard. Because airing cupboards have lots of space between shelves, it certainly will help a towel dry faster.

Where to Hang Bath Towels to Dry

There is one last question left to answer: What is the best way to hang towels to dry? To answer this question, we also need to know where to hang bath towels to dry. If the weather is warm or breezy, a clothesline outside is the best place. If not, then somewhere warm should suffice as long as enough distance between towels is put, without enough distance, the water on the towels will keep the other towels wet. To help them dry faster, you can rotate the towels and change which side faces the warmth. Also, avoid folding the towels in half and try to line dry them because overlapping two wet sides will cause one side to stay wet longer.