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A Guide to Different Towel

Most people use the same towel to dry everything but there are many types of towels and each of them has a different purpose. In this writing, as, MTC Linen, we will explain everything and guide you between different types of towels and help you understand why you need blog


A Guide to Different Towel Sizes

If you have read our guide to different types of towels, you know all about our towels and their types. As MTC Linen, we can produce towels in any color, dimension, and size you need at our facilities. Before proceeding to order a towel by filling the form in our website, we recommend reading this guide as towel sizes differ for every type. If you have read our guide to different types of towels, you know all about our towels and their types. As MTC Linen, we can produce towels in any color, dimension, and size you need at our facilities. Before proceeding to order a towel by filling the form in our website, we recommend reading this guide as towel sizes differ for every type. read blog


Peshtemal & Turkish Towel

Peshtemal, also known as hammam towel and Turkish towel, is a significant element of Turkish culture. Although they are not made of pile fabric, they are as absorbent as classic cotton towels. Since it is woven from cotton and linen threads, it soaks up water quickly and dries in a short period as its fabric is not as dense as classic towels. Its traditional and bohemian look attracts attention, and it has a very thin and light fabric that makes it easy to carry around. Peshtemal stands out as a very practical towel with its lightness and quick-drying feature, especially for vacations. read blog


Different Types of Towel Materials

Choosing the right towels for your business can make a huge difference for your brand. With our vast experience, we offer you products that are excellent in quality, made with genuine cotton grown in Turkey’s most fertile lands. The only thing you left for you to do is choosing the colors, patterns, sizes, and weights of the towels that you want for your business; we prepare them with great care. We offer many towel models to our customers and have a large catalog for you to choose the right one. You can fill out our form on our contact page now for more information. read blog

How to Wash Towels: Towel Cleaning

How to Wash Towels: Towel Cleaning Tips

Learning the most efficient ways to clean your towels is key to keeping yourself away from infectious diseases. To provide yourself with the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene you should know which factors should be taken into consideration most. In this article, MTC Linen, one of the most trusted wholesale towels manufacturers, will answer the frequently asked questions about how to wash blog

How to Choose the Perfect Gym Towel

How to Choose the Perfect Gym Towel

Gyms have become the most visited places in people’s daily routine because of the urban lifestyle. Many people buy gym memberships and spend most of their time in fitness centers to maintain an active lifestyle or get in shape for the summer. Gyms are great places for those who don’t have a good walking environment in the neighborhood or the equipment at home to work blog

How to Dry Towels: Towel Drying Tips

How to Dry Towels: Towel Drying Tips

High-quality luxury towels are manufactured by using sensitive materials to make sure they can take care of sensitive skin the best. For a luxury towel to do its job correctly, it also needs to be taken care of. Towels should be dried with care and learning how to dry towels is not as easy as it sounds because there are several ways to dry towels. Some of these ways may not work as intended, depending on the color or the quality of the towel. So, we prepared this post to help our readers to dry their towels blog

Why Are Turkish Towels So Popular

Why Are Turkish Towels So Popular?

Turkish towels, which are preferred for their absorbency and softness in providing personal care and hygiene, has special features for different uses. Turkish peshtemals, which are made from absorbent fabrics, dry quickly. MTC Linen, a leading wholesale towel manufacturer based in Turkey, provides high-quality wholesale Turkish towels to sellers in every continent of the blog

Tips to Find the Best Beach Towel

Tips to Find the Best Beach Towel

Summer is right around the corner, it’s the time of the year when people go shopping to buy swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, flip flops and, lastly but most importantly, beach towels. Beach towels are one of the most essential items in summer for beach vacations as they can be used multi-purposely. However, it is crucial to find good quality beach towels that can serve many purposes for enjoyable summer trips. Here, the MTC Linen family shares some tips on what to look for in a beach towel and find the perfect one for your blog

Bath Sheets vs Bath Towels

The differences between a bath towel and a bath sheet are often overlooked and this oversight led most people to think they are the same. This article will not only help understand the difference between bath sheets and bath towels but also focus on the different benefits of those two. A bath towel is what everyone uses dry after a bath session. A bath sheet, however, is what should be used to cover up after drying up with a bath blog

How Often Should You Change Your Towel?

Towels are one of the personal care products we use in daily life. Towels have many different uses. Bath towels are for personal usage to dry off after a shower, hand towels are for everyone using the same bathroom, kitchen towels are for drying dishes, and baby towels are for gently drying the sensitive baby skin. The towels that touch clean skin should be clean too. The correct hand washing techniques, which stand crucial recently, are indispensable for hygiene. read blog

How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

A bath towel can find a place in home decoration with its usage habits, needs, material, and design. However, after purchase, towels also need to be maintained regularly. So how often should you wash bath towels?read blog

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Towel

Materials are of utmost importance when choosing a towel for babies. Wrong materials or low-quality materials could easily cause a disturbance. Only towels with the softest and most chemical-free materials should be chosen. It goes without saying that absorbency should be one of the top priorities. Unlike an adult towel, a baby towel can be used to dry the body completely. So, in order to avoid any unwanted diseases like cold, a baby towel should be able to absorb the water without leaving anything blog

How to Fold a Towel

Towels are the personal care products used in the kitchen, bathroom, and holiday suitcases for many different purposes. Therefore, towels require a storage place in homes or businesses. Towels need to be changed and cleaned regularly. Businesses need many towels for their customers, and hotels, have developed towel fold techniques to save space. This article, which is essentially a folding a towel guide, compiles the best ways to fold towels that save space and look blog

Why Are Turkish Towels So Absorbent?

What makes a Turkish towel so absorbent is the material used to manufacture it. Being a natural product, cotton has the ability to absorb water better than any other material. To completely benefit from the absorbency level of cotton, the towel needs to be %100 made of cotton. That is why when buying towels from either manufacturers or retailers, customers need to always look for the exact phrase “%100 cotton”. When manufacturers put “made with cotton” on the product description, it does not mean to have the absorptiveness of a %100 cotton product. read blog

Types of Bathroom Towels

Every bathroom needs different types of bath towels, and wholesale towel manufacturer MTC Linen is here to guide you through bath towels with different purposes, materials, sizes and weights. Towel production is our passion, and we start the manufacturing process by harvesting the best quality Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Then, the cotton goes into processes like spinning, warping and weaving to become a final product as a towel. Lastly, our team makes quality control and packaging to send our wholesale towels to our customers worldwide. read blog

Differences between dish towel and tea towel

“What are the differences between tea towel and dish towel?” is a common question on the internet, and in the search results, they are treated as the same type of towel. As a result, they are often used interchangeably and mistaken for each other. Well, they are similar in size and versatility, but the distinction between dish towels and tea towel is they are made of different materials, which changes the areas of use. Kitchen towel machine distributor MTC Linen offers a variety of Turkish kitchen towels in many colors and designs and allows you to customize your wholesale towels! read blog